im not sure how i got past the 9 police, 4 bodyguards and team crew. you can even hear a bodyguard start up..but they were ok after they realised that im not a terrorist!

here is the video link.

3hours in the mountains around adelaide. lance was more interested in my bamboo bike than what i eat. his assistant, elizabeth was on a motor bike following and taking shots. she called me back and asked me about what i eat. she told me lance has a close friend that is a vegan athlete. she almost fell off the back of the motorbike when i said ‘actually im a raw vegan. 100% raw plant foods. NO COOKED FOOD EVER!, i get my carbs from fruit.’ she was like’ but you ride so fast! thats insane!’

then we hit a 7km climb and i attacked off the front. i was going too fast for lance and the team, cos they just let me go. i guess the guys are saving their legs for the real race that starts on sunday.

somehow i made a video of the ride and will post it on youtube shortly..
when i got back to the city the local journo’s did a story. it will run in tommorrows paper that has over 500 000! readers! lol! the journo loved the part about how i can eat up to 60 bananas in a day and ride 515km in a day.

so now lance armstrong knows whom durianrider! the crazy vegan dude from adelaide that races a bamboo bike..

ok, gotta go hydrate, carb up, rest up, stretch up etc, cos who knows what opportunities tommorrow will bring us?