Month: May 2010

When purity can become dangerous..

I cut and pasted this from another thread. I was talking about if you need to take a b12 supp or need some emergency medication due to an accident, then do it and dont worry about your ‘raw purity’ status. Hey, no point being the most raw person in the graveyard! 🙂 If youve got low serum b12, elevated MCV, low hb, elevated homocycsteine etc and your living/eating as best you can, take a supp and see what happens to your blood profile. Too easy. And if we are too attached to our ‘purity’ status, then perhaps we might want to meditate on that one. The ‘purest’ people I know are the ones with the poorest health ironically. Im not saying that health excellence aint a goal but lets be realistic. I had a mate that was raw and smashed his ankle up real good from falling out of a coconut tree and the surgeons had to put some pins in his foot to save it. He asked them not to use medication cos he was ‘raw’. They laughed and said that if he wants to keep his foot, its time to use some pain killer so they can do their job. One friend lost most of their teeth via starvation cos they refused to eat anything but tree ripend fruit. They almost lost their sanity in the process....

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Best race since I started racing in ’97..

Yesterday did another Div 1 road race here on the Gold Coast Australia. We only had a small pack and I thought it was gonna be an easy race but I was wrong! I recorded the highest wattages and heart rate for a race of that distance and it was attacks off the start line and the whole way thru. I felt great on the climbs and bridged each gap no sweat. My mantra for the entire race was ‘This pain makes me a better person..’ 🙂 I finished in the sprint 3 seconds behind the winner. We had a few institute under 19 riders that rode real hard. Its great to see such young talent and sad to see em eat junk and burn out most of the time. The ones that make it thru are the ones that keep their head on and stay healthy. I had 15 dates blended with a litre of water for breakfast and 3 litres of water during/before the race. So a total of 5 litres for the day. I had 2 dried bananas in the race and 2 dried bananas 30 mins before the start. I felt carbed up and hydrated up. As the race got longer, I felt stronger. I eat this version of a vegan diet cos it allows me to be the best example of veganism for those...

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