Month: August 2010

Are you an undercarbed zombie?

“Emotional Zombie” Not only may the Atkins Diet impair mental functioning, it may impair emotional functioning as well. Researchers at MIT are afraid the Atkins Diet is likely to make many people–especially women–irritable and depressed.[197] The Director of MIT’s distinguished Clinical Research Center measured the serotonin levels in the brains of 100 volunteers eating different diets.[198] Serotonin is a chemical messenger in the human brain that regulates mood. In fact, the way antidepressants like Prozac are purported to work is by increasing brain levels of this neurotransmitter. The MIT researchers found that the brain only seemed to make serotonin after a person ate carbohydrates.[199] By starving the brain of this essential mood elevator, the researchers fear that the Atkins Diet may make people restless, irritable or depressed. They noted that women, people under stress, and those taking anti-depressants might be most at risk.[200] When one follower of low carb guru Herman Tarnower’s 1978 “Scarsdale Diet,” wrote to him, “When I diet, I get cranky, and my husband says, ‘I like you better fat than cranky’; have you any suggestions?” Dr. Tarnower responded, “You should be able to diet without getting cranky. Your husband, I am sure, would like to have you attractive, lean, and pleasant.” His paternalistic prescription may make one sympathize, as one journalist wrote, “with his lover Jean Harris, the former school headmistress who later did prison...

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Extreme things Ive done on a bike?

Extreme things? Well here are some stupid things Ive done..and all whilst being a vegan.. *Riding 1hr to a 24hr race, winning it and riding another 1 hr home. *Coming 2nd in a 24hr xc race and then running the 2004 Adelaide marathon 9 hours later in 3:42 *Riding 210km before starting work at 1pm. *Riding Adelaide to Perth into direction of head winds for 2 weeks. Sometimes gale force. *Riding Tullamarine Airport to Mt Lofty in 48:30 (750km) cos I didnt have enough money for a bus ride. (only had about 20$, but thats a lot of sultanas!) *Riding Gold Coast to Cairns in 10 days with a budget of 70$. *Riding 170km solo around a 2km crit circuit. Regency park, SA. *Riding 515km solo on new years day just on fruit and some weeds from the side of the highway. (Rundle st-pinaroo-rundle st). *Riding 30 020km in a year just so I could say I did it. *Riding Singapore to Bangkok in the middle of summer and with sandals. *Finished 8 24hr solo xc races. *Leaving Bangkok at night and riding 230km in sandals cos I couldnt find a hotel and my mozzie net had holes in it. I got chased by dogs every small village I passed thru.. *Riding Byron bay to Adelaide(2300KM) in the middle of december(temps up to 42c) cos I thought it ‘would...

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Finished my 6th marathon on Sunday..

and 7 days before that finished my 8th 24hr solo mountain bike race. I only had enough energy to start doing these events when I become vegan, as before that, I had chronic fatigue on and off. Now I know why its hard to not sound manic on this health and fitness based lifestyle..its as if Im on drugs or something most of the time. 🙂 Elite vegan runners Mike Arnstein and Scott Spitz inspire me to get more into marathoning. These guys run under 2:29 for the marathon..I wonder what that would feel it feels great! This 811 way of eating has taught me more about my body than I thought possible. I never knew my heavy legs were from not eating enough carbs and then filling up on fat. I never knew how much sleep was enough (lots), I never knew that sweet fruit is the best source of carbs for humans but cos its not the highest source, we need to eat more. Now I can tell why I struggled so much in my life with up and down fuel/energy levels. In the marathon I just jogged it out chatting with people and then at the halfway point kicked it home and passed 173 people. It wasnt my fastest time but it was my second marathon in a month and I was so not sore...

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