Ive ‘heard’ that but Ive never seen it. http://www.bodyincredible.com/how-to-avoid-chunk-fat-aerobics-instructor-syndrome/

Here is a video of Kenyans looking all the same, training all the same, racing all the same and eating all the same. High carb, lots o cardio and they all are rail thin. I like to judge by results vs theory.


Thats why all elite marathoners look very similar. Its why all long term 811ers look very similar. Its why elite ballet dancers look similar. Its why all anorexics look similar. You put the human body under the same conditions and it will look similar eventually. That totally debunks the ‘Ive got a thyroid problem and Im running 2:30 marathons but Im still overweight..’ Or the person in a POW camp looking ‘normal’ against everyone else. No way.

If your fat, its cos your unfit. If your weak, its cos you unfit. Chow down the carbs, drink enough water each day and get as much sleep as you can and go like hell.