Before he completely sold out you might remember Kevin Gianni doing some great interviews that covered a lot of ground. Now he has started up his latest product – ‘the great health debate’. Many have seen the line up and called it ‘The Great Mass-Debate’. Why? Cos its just mostly a bunch of vegan haters giving Colin Campbell lots of hatorade. Its like putting vegan UFC fighter Mac Danzig in the octagon with 10 other UFC fighters and when he loses you can say ‘see! vegans suck!’. I mean isnt that the point of a debate?? To get the controversial crew on board and let em share their opinions and experiences? Or do you rig it one sided so you have your outcome already? Debate my ass Gianni! Disappointed and it looks like lots of your customers are too.

I mean now Gianni blames our behaviour for the real reason we aint on the show. LMFAO. Fair enough if it was true but how come Doug Graham didnt even get an invite but fat boy slim Daniel Vitalis did? Daniel has a freak’n gun license and blows bambi’s and their mothers away for ‘surthrival’ and promotes recreational drugs. Gianni is a joke. He made his name and money in the raw food scene and now calls us a bunch of losers. Great.

Daniel Vitalis: Special guest Daniel ” snakeoil ‘cant be a vegan cos I starved myself as one and that means you will fuck up aswell..’ MLM black belt 2nd dan passive aggressive dribbles a lot but never really says much” Vitalis.

Doug Graham: not invited!

What is it with wankers that keep their eyes closed and pretend there is no elephant in the room? I know, I know ‘Harley you can’t talk like that..’ but hey, Im just over the wankers that are all talk and no walk! Im over the fence sitters, the stoned stoned throwers that change their diets like they change their jocks. The crew that bag objective advice and then have nothing to offer but a low responsibility sound bite like ‘hey! find out what works for you, its all good bro and this week we have the inner circle sale to help me raise funds for my complacent lifestyle where Im too afraid to really commit to anything and stand up for what is right and true. Id rather sell my soul to Mercola and clan and be all smiley smiley fakey flakey. Dont want to be extreme like those freaks getting results over at 30BaD”.

Dont you love it when people use your behaviour as the reason they cant live healthy? Then you give em an example of someone else who is a little more ‘proper’ and they say ‘is that the time? I gotta get going, the Steelers are on in a few hours, nice talking with ya’ll..’