Whats up with that? They said that my toes would fall off? They said I wouldnt get enough protein? They said that their Grandma said I was crazy? They said that not eating meat pies was ‘UnAustralian’. They said that I would crash and burn..Ive been waiting..10 years on… riding and running the FASTEST of my life. I use a gps watch and power meter to prove it to myself. Doing this helps you build confidence in your diet and lifestyle choices. Its like building a house and then it holds up after an earthquake. You and others can see what is working or what needs improvement.

Anyone can say ‘Oh I feel faster..’ but unless you can give solid data..its doesnt mean much.

Here is my 5k pb from today. I ran it solo.

I train with the best cyclists/runners in Australia. I dont use ANY drugs. No coffee, red bull, ventolin, EPO, cacao, green tea etc. Doesnt make me ‘holier than thou’ but it does give a clear indication of what you can do on a 100% plant fueled diet and 100% clean and still be fitter than 99.999% of the population in your chosen sports.

You can listen to stone throwers that talk a lot of shit but never really say anything.
You can listen to people getting the results you desire.

So be careful and remember that public opinion is the cheapest commodity on earth. Chose with intuition and wisdom. Follow your heart above all.