10 years vegan next week. Fastest 10k of my life today. That feels good.

Ran it first thing in the morning. Committed to it the night before. Woke up, went to bathroom, drank a glass of water, put on kit, jogged 2k easy with a few strides and then set up the Garmin 310xt and hit it!

I ran the first km as fast as my last km. Ran it solo. Looking forward to doing these sort of runs in a bunch but your gonna struggle to find a bunch of runners that can run this fast! The only thing I have is those big fun runs that are once or twice a year.

Got back home and drank my morning litre and started breakfast. Went out on the bike for 1hr really easy to spin the legs out. Riding around Melbourne and getting familiar with it again. Who needs drugs when you got health and fitness? 😉