This is an email I got from a recent attendee at the Longevity Now Conference in Los Angeles.

Ive kept it confidential cos the person is scared of being sued by these hucksters. I dont give a fuck cos all they will get from me is a pair of running shoes, a box of bananas and a bicycle so they can get their fat asses in shape! lol! David Wolfe and Viktoras Kulvinskas have already filed legal action against me. They dress, talk and act on stage like guru’s but if you speak up, they sue like Monsanto!

Ok, here is someone’s experience at the Longevity Now Conference.

So, Daniel Vitalis was selling “RAW ” water for $8 dollars!!! There was no spring water (in glass) available in Hotel, so people completely thirsty from all the powders, shakes, tonics, elixirs had no choice but buy this ridiculously overpriced $8 water.. It was outrageous..

When i stood in line and talked to people i was asking many questions… for example, those that came for the 3rd or 4th time to this conference.. “how is that working for you”? “what did you apply in your life since the last conference”.. And not one person said they started to work-out or move more or something.. They answered: “well, i am grounding myself..” “i do superfood superpowdered smoothies and i FEEL IT”.. “well sometimes i think I overdo it and throw up””.. but it is my stomach.. DW’s products are fantastic! cutting edge!!! “im definitely zapping myself” (there was a new improved “zapper”product that DW was promoting).. Some people are jugging colostrum.. VEGANS!!!! who are “breaking” their veganism.. to build “super” immunity with this powdered diary! lol>>> Some 22 – 25 young boys (very much out of shape) – said proudly – DW told us – don’t even try to sleep this weekend.. its gonna be madness.. so yeah.. we are just doing these outrageous superfood supermushroom superherb shakes.. blah bhah blah.. 2 days later i saw these boys with a dark circles under their eyes, bloodshot eyes, completely exhausted and dehydrated.. I just thought to myself – this is a seriously sick message coming out of DW… to these young people..

in the first email im sending a few snaps of people at DW’s conference.. you can tell -no athletes here.. I dont want to make fun of them – but that is a reality…

Here is an animation video I made. Enjoy.