Hey, just cos someone has a bit of a gut DOESNT make em bad people! My Mum has a gut like these fad diet authors and I still love her. Im merely pointing out that these guys have to starve emselves to say half on top of their weight in order NOT to blow out. Sure some are slipping it seems and Loren Cordain and Jimmy Moore certainly are. Nice guys though Im sure. This is JUST physiological assessment. Im sure these guys could squash me if they had enough energy/fitness to actually catch me. Sadly I dont even know any low carb crew that can sprint 400metres as fast as me and Im an ultra endurance athlete! lol!

Anyways, here is a recent shot of Robb Wolf. Maybe its just my macbook screen but does Robb Wolf look like he has a stomach paunch growing under his shirt?

Robb Wolf’s dietary philosphy is Bottom Line: Eat Right + Fasting = Better Results WOW! I will tell you something now, if you have to starve yourself a few times a week AND your eating ‘healthy’ then OBVIOUSLY your eating some nasty shit (animal fat and protein) that is slapping on the fat/body puff and making you feel crap! Robb Wolf is a self confessed ‘Coffee Addict!’ and I would be too if my diet was so deficient in glucose and soluble fiber. Must give Robb credit for promoting sleep though.

Im doing a live debate with Richard Nokely. Im concerned for his health as he looks like he is still battling the bulge after years of doing this paleo/primal shoeprint fad diet. Eat ‘healthy’ and then starve it off. Great way to feel insane I say.

Here is a before and after shot or Richard Nokely:
Richard is a Primal Shoe print evangelist and nutritional expert. Besides a tan, I can’t tell which is before or after! lol! I mean, looks like Richard has the same gut growing under his shirt. No wonder Mark Sisson and Sean Croxton keep recycling the same ‘flex’ shots from years ago. Id like to see how ‘in shape’ these guys are today. But hey, that would be too much to ask right? Sean Croxton had a dummy spit on Facebook when I asked him for an updated photo and what is typical days food intake looked like. I asked nicely and Sean replied like he wants to shove me on the griller and marinate me in my own juices. Hey, where’s the love guys!

Here is Loren Cordain. Hey Loren! DUDE! Whats with the gut bro! I thought the Paleo/primal ‘eat bacon for breakfast and in 2 hours your cut and fit to go hunt a mammoth for lunch and then go rock the spa party with the victoria secret models’! lol!

Here is a before and after. Guess which one is before. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Then we have Jimmy Moore from his livinlavida low carb show. Jimmy sounds like a great guy too. Here he is in his orange shirt AFTER the suit shot is taken..looks like that high fat, animals for breakfast, lunch and dinner is catching up with JM. BUT then again, maybe he is secretly binging on steamed rice and bananas! Cos we know that rice and fruit makes you fat right? ๐Ÿ˜‰

Then we have Gary Taubes, author of ‘Good Calories, Bad Calories’.

So can anyone show me a fit and lean paleo/primal authour/blogger that ISNT on HGH shots or starving up for a photo shoot? Anyone? I certainly cant. All I see is some nice crew that have been suckered and now have nothing but fat guts, old flex shots and constant carb cravings to show for it.

Here is a vid I did that ROCKED the paleo/primal world judging by the amount of hits and blogs it created. Hey, Im all about telling people what they need to hear vs what impresses people and makes quick money. I live a frugal lifestyle so I dont have to lie to people and rely on fake friends to sell BS too.