Working in the health & fitness industry for the last 11 years, Ive had the chance to work, train and race with some of the household names in sports. From chit chat training rides with Tour De France winners like Lance Armstrong, Oscar Pererio to having behind life direction changing closed door conversations with world famous coaches that will go ‘unamed’. 😉 Ive worked in big gyms, small gyms and seen a LOT in a pretty small time. Im the guy that pesters people for questions. Im always listening and watching and looking for ways to improve.

Todays blog post is about Robb Wolf. Ive not had the chance to meet Robb Wolf and he probably looks forward to it so he can throw me on the bbq lol! But you know me, I ran fast so I can talk real! Robb sent me an old ‘cut shot’ from a few months back but Im all about using the latest shots that our ‘guru’s didnt get a chance to photo shop, edit or ‘cut up’ for like is all too common in this industry. So I checked Robb’s blog out and APPLAUDE his transparency in regards to his failing health based on his recent blood pathology results. Robb is different to a lot of guru’s that dont make anything public for people like me to throw around. Robb is open about his battle with caffiene addiction and low testosterone, elevate cortisol and insulin resistance and a ‘biosignature of an 80 year old. Women.’

Here is Robb Wolf’s own words.

After the book tour I was about beat to death. Don’t get me wrong, it was an exciting time but between wrapping up the book, doing the PSS, pimping the book, time zone changes and the random gluten exposure while eating on the road…well, I was a mess. My biosignature showed high Cortisol, insulin resistance and the testosterone levels of an 80 year old. Woman.

I was NOT in good shape. I did not at that time do an ASI test which I now regret as I know things have improved dramatically but I’m just not that into reaffirming via diagnostic measures what I know already by observation. I’ll be better about that in the future as solid numbers ARE important for benchmarks. For sure I was not in great shape, about 170 lbs and body comp was around 15% body fat.

I was not digesting of my food very well, energy levels were low and on days when it was cloudy in Chico I got VERY squirrely. Luckily I had 5 weeks ahead of me with no travel so I decided to really get my shit together and do whatever it took to get healthy and strong again. The areas that I focused on supporting were sleep, adrenal function, digestion, and androgen production.

I see these symptoms ALL THE TIME in the low carb, high fat crew that think cos they are young and half fit that they can eat sausage, steak, pig and dead fish for breakfast, lunch and dinner and ‘burn it off’ via stimulant induced exercise or ‘intermitant fasting’ aka binge/purge cycle in bodybuilding. Its sad to see. Ive had 4 guys from my cycling peer group,under age 35, die from heart attack. I too used to have the ‘eat anything as long as you burn it off man!’ mentality. Unfortunately it DOESNT work.

To be faIr Ive put up my blood profile images to show that without supps ( the ONLY supp I take is b12 vs the 50 or so that most paleo/primal people seem to take). How is it that the paleo/primal crew say that you wont get enough DHEA, DHA, b12, protein, carnitine etc BUT they then eat their animal based diet AND take DHEA, DHA, B12, protein, carnitine etc!! How does that work?

I did a video about how much supps and protein powders the paleo/primal crew MUST take in order to follow their deficient diet. Protein powders on a high protein diet? What the fuck? BUT you cant be a vegan cos ‘you wont get enough protein! so eat like a caveman AND by my fancy protein powder with my smiling face on the side fatso!’ Does make any sense but it sure makes lots of dollars! 😉

Robb Wolf complains of fatigue and brain fog. I tell you what Robb, if I ate that low carb, high fat, high protein atkins style diet, Id have brain fog, fatigue and stimulant dependence too! Its not cos your weak or anything, its your low carb diet that is killing you bro!

Im seeing people eating paleo/primal style fad diets losing muscle, gaining LOTS of belly, ass and neck fat, FULL BLOWN DIABETES and even a few heart attacks! Hey, Im all about being borderline obsessed when it comes to health and fitness but lets not fucken die trying! Here is some medical doctors warning the dangers of these Atkins/Primal/Paleo fad diets that get sold to fat people that want to hear good things about their bad habits. You have a handful of athletes that run on stimulants, eat loads of meat, fast before taking ‘cut shots’ and GENUINELY believe they are doing good things but in reality, they are just pawns for the health and fitness snake oil industry that doesnt give a flying fuck about authors like Robb Wolf. Their mindset is ‘If Robb Wolfe carks it from a clogged artery from all that saturated fat, then he was the idiot to believe it and we got a 1000 young punks that will take his place. NEXT!’.

I see it all the time in pro sport. I used to race in Belgium and its ALL about brown nosing the sponsors and risking your health for their fat ass and some quick cash. FUCK THAT! When you got cancer, heart disease or suicidal depression from all the drugs you had to take, starvation etc, what does that leave you with?

So my message to Robb Wolf and the rest of the gang that are SINCERELY interested in helping themselves and others is to read the following books.

# The China Study (no bloggers can debunk the most COMPREHENSIVE study done on human nutrition! lol!)
# 80/10/10 by Doug Graham
# Nutrition & Athletic Performance by Doug Graham
# Dr Barnards programme for reversing diabetes by Dr Neil Barnard
# Prevent and reverse Heart Disease by Dr Esselstyn
# Vegan bodybuilding and fitness by Robert Cheeke. (Robert is stronger than ANY paleo/primal dude I know. Noah Hannibal is the Australian heavyweight bench press champ in 2010. To my knowledge there is ZERO national level athletes in ANY sport. Unless you consider ‘cross fit’ an elite sport. 😉 I think crossfit is great and Im ALL for any fun exercise but lets not pretend that there are long term vegan elite athletes out there when there is ZERO paleo/primal elite athletes out there. Its literally IMPOSSIBLE to be an elite athlete on a low carb diet.