DW in the Supreme Court of San Diego
VK in the federal court of Hawaii.

Can you feel the essene love?
Are you having the best day ever?

Why? Well I put up a youtube [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cnhr-1V7MiI]
footage what was ALREADY on youtube.

Kulvinskas and I were having an FB chat about calories and his
recomendations. He couldnt tell me how many cals was enough for
a grown adult male wishing to obtain/sustain fitness. I made that fb
chat public on our forum 30BaD.

Dont you just love this plastic walmart shamans/essene priests?

They both say fruit is dangerous and ‘Doug is out of balance and so
am I’ Id say suing someone over nothing is a bit ‘out of balance. Id
say VK eating like an anorexic and promoting that as ‘spiritual’ is
out of balance.

Id say DW putting MDMA in girls cacao drinks to ‘open up their
heart chakra’ is a bit out of balance. Id say DW putting a
psychedelic compound in a raw food author’s drink and when their
husband felt it ‘wasnt the best day ever’ that that is out of balance.

Will I shut up and get on my knees for these hucksters? No way.
Will I continue to promote health and fitness with objective
guidelines. Yes siree.
Will I continue to point out the spiritual wu wu BS hucksters? Count
on it!