Just built up my new bamboo road bike. Phil Webb from produced it.

I built it up using mostly second hand parts. I used new alloy bars, stem and seatpost. The rest has been ‘pre-owned’ to minimise its carbon foot print. (pun intended)

This bamboo bike is such a sweet ride. Ive had the chance to ride LOTS of bikes over the years and IMHO bamboo is by far the most comfortable frame material. Smoother sure is faster. You get less rider fatigue and that translates to higher average wattages. It weighs in at 9.6kg with XTR pedals. Not the lightest bike in Div 1 but Im not exactly known for following the herd and losing sleep over a an wanky crap. I focus more on health and fitness vs having the lightest of the light. This is one bike you can really ride hard and not have to worry about chipping the 2mm carbon downtube or denting the coke can like top tube. I use my bikes a lot so durability is important to me. I typically ride a frames till it literally cracks at a join.

Ive already had a Div1 CX race on it in Adelaide. Its just soaks up the bumps like nothing else. Really STIFF out of the corners when your laying it down on the pedals. I ran a CX tyre on the front and just a GP3000 23mm (salvaged from a bike store bin) on the back. Not the best set up but better than not racing I say!

Pros: Individual styling. Eco. SUPER comfortable. Handles great at high speed. Doesnt chip or dent. Conversation starter.

Cons: If your income depends on saving 20seconds up a 10km climb then give it a miss. Termites and Pandas possibly. Conversation starter.