Month: June 2011

Heat acclimatization 101.

Im constantally travelling to different parts of the globe and therefore constantly experiencing different types of climates. Sure Ive never had a full winter since 2002 but Ive still had a few coldish weeks before hitting the warmth again. Today Im in Thailand and its a stark contrast from the cool mornings in Melbourne/Sydney. Its taken me a few days to adjust to the heat. I feel great as always but Im sure not to push too hard in training too soon when coming to a new climate. So what do I do to ensure my body adapts to the heat with no heat stress? Its pretty much what I normally do lol! Go bed around 6-8pm Get up around sunrise Drink enough water for clear urination and at least 10 times a day and a couple of times a night. (I use a 2L juice bottle) Eat 10g of carbs per kg of bodyweight per day as a minimum. We forget that we actually need more glycogen in new climates as our body is burning up glycogen to make us cooler. Thats it. Pretty simple. When we give our body what it needs, it behaves predictably. I was doing laps around Bangkok’s Lumpini park. Its a MUST GO TO place for anyone wanting some where to eat, train and just chill. Lumpini Park has a great track for...

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Welcome to your life!

My vegan/animal activist friend Ron is supporting an animal charity through his new book WELCOME TO YOUR LIFE – simple insights for your inspiration & empowerment. For under $20 US, you get the book, and thousands of dollars-worth of bonus gifts from other personal development experts, and give back to our community at the same time. So, order your copy now at: Then come back here and hit SHARE to share with your facebook...

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David Wolfe sells powdered bananas.

Our site is the MOST popular rawfoods site on the net according to David Wolfe is the money master he is and is thinking ‘how can I get in on that market?’ BINGO! Pay some poor Ecuadorian farmers to grow and dry out some bananas and then dry em and powder em up and sell em to the rich US market as yet another lightweight expensive ‘superfood’ product! Get your powdered seedless and hybridised banana here folks!     Hey, guess whats so super about ‘superfoods’. Its the super profit margins! 😉 How dare you just try...

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