Im constantally travelling to different parts of the globe and therefore constantly experiencing different types of climates. Sure Ive never had a full winter since 2002 but Ive still had a few coldish weeks before hitting the warmth again. Today Im in Thailand and its a stark contrast from the cool mornings in Melbourne/Sydney. Its taken me a few days to adjust to the heat. I feel great as always but Im sure not to push too hard in training too soon when coming to a new climate.

So what do I do to ensure my body adapts to the heat with no heat stress?

Its pretty much what I normally do lol!

Go bed around 6-8pm

Get up around sunrise
Drink enough water for clear urination and at least 10 times a day and a couple of times a night. (I use a 2L juice bottle)
Eat 10g of carbs per kg of bodyweight per day as a minimum. We forget that we actually need more glycogen in new climates as our body is burning up glycogen to make us cooler.

Thats it. Pretty simple. When we give our body what it needs, it behaves predictably. I was doing laps around Bangkok’s Lumpini park. Its a MUST GO TO place for anyone wanting some where to eat, train and just chill. Lumpini Park has a great track for running. Ive never had anyone actually pass me there. When you zoom past some farang or local runners, they try and jump on but nobody lasts much longer than 400m before they pop. You see some really UNDERCARBED farang (Thai word for tourist) doing laps around Lumpini. Its hillarious and sad at the same time. I will do a YT of what undercarbed people run like sometime so you can spot em. The easiest way to spot em is the slug pace they are sloshing around at. No Im not talking of the 80 year olds that are my heroes as each morning they lace up and defy the status quo BS about aging. Hey, if you think you got an excuse for not being fit, then go check out the Gran that hobbles around Lumpini each day. Tell her your reasons why you cant be active.

So take care of your sugar, water and sleep and if you see some punk with a big head and a ‘go vegan’ singlet on,zooming around Lumpini Park/Central Park/Centenial Park come and say gday. 🙂