I watch silly youtubes each day MORE than I go move my body. I sit down so much each day that I have to work on my posture. I remember getting injured last October and promising myself Id sit around less and move more. Ive still been lazy in that regard.

I like to point out that 1000% of the long term fruit eaters are lean. NO EXCEPTIONS lol! So why are people scared of eating all you can eat fruit? Thats a good question and one Im speechless to with all the obvious living examples around.

But Harley, the moron’s say that if you eat too much fruit in the long run, you get fat from the simple sugars dude! They say an hour a day of movement is not enough and you gotta train hardcore and at least 6hours a day to burn off the 1000g of sugar you average a day..’

Here is some photo’s from a few hours ago. A 5k xc race in the Bronx at Van Cortlandt park. I ran 9th out of 120 runners. Some olympic hopefuls finished in front of me. Ive averaged 10miles a week this year running.

So Ive been a high carb vegan since April 2001. Got onto fruit eating in April 2002 and even most raw food peeps say I eat ‘way too much sweet fruit!’. So my question is: If I train LESS than anyone as fit as me and eat more simple sugars than anyone I know, where is the excess fat?’ How come the same morons that say ‘fruit makes you fat’ say ‘Durianrider is way too lean though!’.

Even my obese Mum was just chatting to Freelee and I via video and Mum’s has a big ‘carbs make you fat so I stay away’ mindset and Mums said to Freelee ‘you look at bit thin there now, you need a good feed…’ So even my Mum’s doesnt get it and she has heard my rants non stop since 2001. 😉

Judge by results vs theory peeps. Get them fad carbo starvo books and throw em in the recycling bin. Its time to eat. Time to live. Time to have fun building and maintaining a lean, fit and strong body. 🙂 Flick starvation, life is about abundance and feasting. The following is some low fruit consumption advocates. I have nothing personal against them. Im just curious why they are fat. Are they sneaking organic bananas late at night?

Loren Cordain. ‘enjoy fruit but it must be moderated if you want to get lean and stay lean’

Gary ‘tubby’ Taubes says ‘carbs make you obese and so can exercise..’ Naturally he is a best selling author. 😉

Dr Kendrick.
‘cholesterol is healthy and simple sugars create excess fat storage. Even watermelon.’

Allisa Cohen.
‘sweet fruit should be moderated if you want to lose weight’.

Here is some more overweight ‘keep sweet fruit in moderation’ figures.