Frederic Patenaude interviews Doug Graham in what IMHO is the greatest audio package health seekers can ever listen to.

Fred is offering a special deal that is finishing Sept 30th so if you missed out earlier in the year, now is your chance. (coupon code to get 50% off is 30BANANAS )

The coupon will get you 50% off LMAO! I remember this was around 500$ a few years ago and it is priceless info. I still have it in my mp3 player and listen to it today when cleaning, relaxing, riding, walking, jogging or pretending Im listening to Freelee. 😉

PS: I know some people have commented that they dont like Fred’s sales style. Fuck it. It doesnt matter what the peel looks like as long as its quality product and this compilation by Fred & Doug is as good as it gets.

Remember! Use the coupon code : 30BANANAS to get 50% off!!


PPS: No this audio is NOT suitable to listen to whilst doing running races lol!