Please share these with your friends or anyone thats says ‘I love fruit but it makes you fat right?’. SO MANY naturopaths, snake oil peddlers, low carb steroid using fad diet book authors saying ‘fruit makes you fat ESPECIALLY if your a female’. They just tell you that so you buy their shitty stevia sweetend expensive BS when you get a fruit craving.

Here it is. Took about 4 years to happen. HIGH CARB FRUIT BASED VEGAN. Freelee doesnt exercise. She just moves her body and enjoys beating guys in running races lol! Getting Freelee to exercise never happens cos exercise is for boring people with no life. Get out there and LIVE people!

Diet wise Freelee’s focus is on HIGH calorie fruits like organic dates/bananas and mangoes. She doesnt eat too much melon as Freelee says it doesnt give her the sustained out put of high cal fruits like bananas/dates. Freelee’s ebook is coming out soon.

'cos fruit makes you fat'

We dont have Freelee running marathons cos that would just get her too lean in the long run. We are holding on to her curves by just doing basic fun stuff like 5-21k fun runs. She starts near the back and then just runs thru the pack over the distance with ‘vegan power’ on her shorts and sports bra top lol!

Like I said ‘exercise is for boring people’. We are into moving our bodies and having a lot of fun in the process.