Month: January 2012

Cocaine Bars make you fat? Cocaine Bars vs Organic Medjool Dates.

Lots of my friends ask me ‘why are there so many fat cyclists that do so many miles?’. Well I tell them they all dont eat like me! lol! If they did, they would have single digit body fat like I have all year long for the last decade. Not to make fun of anyone, this blog’s goal is to educate people in better fueling choices that aid a lean, fit and healthy body for life. EASILY! If your not familiar with the Cocaine Bars then Thats a lot of fat in these bad boys. Ok for occasional intake (if you dropped the cholesterol rich butter) but if the goal was to drop fat then eating this recipe once a week would lead to an extra approx 26kg of fat intake a year one would have to burn off!!!! In a sport where a company will release a new frame model cos its 30g lighter than last years model… To meet the recommended 1g of carbs per kg of bodyweight per hour, a 100kg cyclist needing 100g of carbs per hour would be taking in approx 45g of fat per hour via the ‘Cocaine bars’. Almost 50% of calories coming from fat means they wont be good as a glycogen booster or promote peak blood blow to the legs like a lower fat higher carb snack would. High fat...

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Sure you eat enough carbs daily to stay consistent in training and recover properly. You drink enough water so your peeing clear at least 10 times a day. You get to bed early. You run in proper cushioned running shoes to minimise impact. You have learnt how to become a midfoot striker vs an in efficient heel or forefoot striker…. But what about 2 more VITAL tips?...

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