Cycling tips Vlog. Tips on buying your first road bicycle.

I put up a vid on youtube about it. Here you go. 🙂


Here are some other cycling tips.

1. Pump up your tyres to the recommended rating every few days. The rating is found on every tire sidewall.


2. Drink enough water so your urine is clear. If its yellow or straw, we need to drink more. Drink before meals instead of after for better digestion.


3. Eat before  your hungry, drink before your thirsty..


4. Get early nights.


5. Get a bike that fits you right. Ask around for a bike shop that is good at fitting people right. Get a road bike. Bike trailers are best for  heavy loads. Thats the most effective system. Get clipless mountain bike shoes/pedals so you have power up the hills and into the wind yet can still walk ok.


6. Youtube has lots of great how to fix bikes videos.


7. Mark your cleats and seat post/seat angle/handlebar angle with a liquid paper pen so if it moves or gets loose, you now have a reference marker to go back too.


8. Make sure you wear shorts/cycling top so you dont get blown like a parachute whilst wearing baggy stuff.


9. Eat over 10g of carbs per kg of bodyweight per day. Whole food carbs like fruit. Rice, potatoes, corn, barley, oats etc. Leave off the grease. oil and excessive salt.


10. Get off the saddle every few minutes to aid blood flow to the saddle area.