Month: April 2012

Durianrider gets fat after 11 years high carb vegan.

Some haters requested I take off my shirt, write the date on a piece of paper and give a flex so prove Im not obese from my ‘fruit diet’. I always thought I had put enough flex shots on youtube to last but people want to see hourly shots it seems. Ok, this is me. 11 years high carb vegan this month. Starting buying boxes of bananas 10 years ago this month. Funny thing is about this photo is Ive got full glycogen and this is after having 2 full meals and 2 quarts of water. If I starved for a week and took some diuretics and pumped up on a bench press the images would be even more impressive but I like to give people real every day stuff. Excuse the ‘broscience pout’....

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Fruitarian gains 17lbs in just 3 meals! Fructose converted to fat in minutes!

Fruitarian gains 17lbs in just 3 meals! Fructose converted to fat in minutes! I mean Ive been a high carb vegan since April 2001. Thats 11 years of ‘abusing’ my body with whole food plant carbohydrates with fruit being the priority. Here is a video where I demonstrate how rapid weight gain happens on this lifestyle. I must be getting robbed for fat at night though cos Im leaner than I was at age 18.. 😉...

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David Wolfe vs Durianrider in Federal US courts!

Lots of people said ‘No way David Wolfe would try and sue you man! Your having us on! David Wolfe is a non judgemental spiritual guru that is above any criticisms. He would accept your actions as a freedom of speech..’ LMAO.   Well David Wolfe shows his true colours in this letter I got today from his LA lawyers. Dress like a guru and sue like monsanto. All David Wolfe will get from me is a training programme, pair of old joggers and a few boxes of bananas to help melt that superfood gut of his. I dont hate DW even though he is repeatedly trying to sue my ass and bankrupt me. I don’t take it personally. Im merely sharing my comments and criticisms and will continue to do so as an individuals right to freedom of speech.   Feel free to share it around the net and express your right to freedom of speech. Be careful though! David Wolfe might get his legal henchmen on to you too! 😉   Here is the letter DW sent me....

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