Month: May 2012

Bamboo bicycle: How is it holding up after a year of THRASHING!!

Bamboo bicycle 1 year on. Yeah they aint the cheapest and lightest racing bike around but Im a big fan of investing $ into industries  you believe in. Here is my bamboo bike after a year of thrashing it racing Div 1, riding up down mountains, over cobbles, dirt roads, off gutters and even with a few pro tour teams.   [youtube=]...

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How to be a fruitarian raw foodist.

How to be a fruitarian raw foodist. [youtube=]   Sleep, water, sugar sufficiency must be the daily focus. Sun + sport must be the weekly focus. Making the world a better place for humanity, the animals and the environment must be the life focus. Here are some more tips from Durianrider & Freelee One MUST get consistent early nights to ensure success on a healthy weight loss lifestyle. More early nights means a healthier and faster metabolism + you will have greater nerve energy for the next day as your organs get the rest they need to function healthfully....

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How to pick up Hot Australian girls.

How to pick up Australian girls. In this video I pick up an Australian girl literally and give you some tips on picking up a girl. Its all about having a plan and having a list of what you’re looking for in a partner and then becoming the sort of person that attracts those people into your life. Everyone loves a rainbow, nobody loves a drainbow.. My pick up artist tips aka PUA tips are as follows: Develop confidence by constantly shifting your focus to empowering thoughts. Develop high vitality by eating a high calorie high carb low fat...

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