People ask me to see ‘hard data’. Well you can’t lie with a power meter and a gps system can you? 😉

Here is my KOM ‘strava palmares’. Check out the VAM and check out the watts. Ive got WAY more in me as well. Only been training around 100miles a week on the bike so not in great form but the high carb low fat low protein low sodium vegan diet keeps me lean all year long. Tour De France lean pretty much.

Ive got KOM on this climb. Some of the worlds best upcoming riders nipping at my heels. These guys are training full time too. Im surprised to beat em on such a steep climb. Thing is that I couldn’t be assed to train full time. Id miss out on troll’n the net lol!

Strava is great fun. Follow me on strava to see EXACTLY what training I do. I wouldnt be surprised if you actually do more volume than me either. The KEY to fitness is to be CONSISTENT, SMASH in the carbs/water/early nights and keep your fat intake low. Make sure you don’t do more than 5% of your volume is intensity and 95% at talking pace.

Oh yeah, make it FUN too cos when you make something fun you take care of motivation..