Month: February 2013

BEST bicycle story book you will ever read?

Id say so. If you disagree then email me and I will refund your 15$! Even if you aint a full cycle buff like some of us, if you have ever riden a bike then you will enjoy this book fo’ sure. Im reading it for the 5th time. Still makes me crack up or appreciate what I have. Its a small book and HIGHLY addictive reading. “Tales From a Real Bike Shop” by Steve Hogg (eBook) PS: Im not affiliated with Steve Hogg nor make any commission on this book. I genuinely rate it as an excellent book for any cyclist to read. Yes thats right, Im promoting another product I don’t make a single cent from… call me crazy but I make enough $ to be able to promote other peoples work without having to get a cut of the pie every...

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