Month: July 2013

Being Vegan will help you to pick up a Woman?

Being Vegan will help you to pick up a Woman By Robert King from I have been a professional dating and pick up coach, full time, since 2008. Travelling the world and teaching thousands of men and some women how to improve their love lives. Through years of research and experimentation I found that being vegan, without doubt, is the best lifestyle to help someone become more attractive and improve their love life. I have been vegan for the past four years and these are the top ways in which being vegan can help a man to pick up a woman. How you feel she will feel Most guys walk around in an unhealthy daze. When someone feels unhealthy they will feel unhappy. If you eat poorly then you will feel poorly. I’ve done years of research searching for the optimum diet and being vegan with the emphasis on raw living foods was the runaway winner. A study at the University of California, Los Angeles showed that ninety three percent of communication is via sub communication. A person’s sub communication is everything but the words that they are saying, body language, energy, eye contact, things like this. A person who eats a vegan diet, will be taking more life into their body, this will give the person better energy. Women really notice a person’s energy, they feel that...

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10 Biggest Mistakes Made By Raw Foodists

1. They think sweet fruit is the enemy! “Dont eat fruit! It will make you fat! It will give you diabeties! It will rot your teeth! It will make you insane!” All of which are total rubbish. We run the most popular raw foods website and have never seen a single case of tooth decay, diabeties, insanity or severe body blubber from fruit eating. Yes we have seen people shooting up meth/being bulimic/anorexic whilst being a ‘fruitarian’ and loosing their teeth, we have seen people eating high fat raw diets and getting diabetic symptoms, we have seen people get depression from just trying to eat 10 oranges a day. Sweet fruit is the ultimate food for humans. Fruit is your friend. Every cell in the human body runs on glucose and or fructose. To starve the cells of natural glucose/fructose from sweet fruit is a health crime. 2. They think they need to ‘calorie restrict’ “Don’t eat more than a handful of food at a meal! Eat light! Remember that humans are designed to be breatharians!!” Well, I’ve met a few breatharians in my world travels and I’ve not met more confused people. A mosquito has a very small stomach but watch how much it expands after meal. Adult male orangutans weigh around 90kg and eat up to 8500 calories a day. Calorie restriction does not work in nature...

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