Month: April 2014

How I schedule my food intake around my running.

I drink a cup of water and a piece of fruit before a 5-10K morning run. Anything longer and I will take water/fruit with me and then eat a big meal/drink AFTER. I Run on a light stomach and recover on a heavy one. 🙂 For evening runs I just eat a big lunch/breakfast and have dinner AFTER the run. Here is an article. Feedback welcome. Refuelling glycogen is crucial in keeping fitness/health/happiness high. Restoring glycogen is crucial in keeping our immune system from crashing. Restoring glycogen is key in staying ‘raw strong’. Restoring glycogen is key in keeping sane!! I NEVER wait till Im hungry or thirsty before I eat/drink. NEVER! Neither should you!! The only time would be if I was caught out and literally had nothing to eat! But these days Im way more organised so I dont ‘bonk/hit the wall’. Cos when you do, you really put your immune system under pressure, perform like a chump and set a bad example to those watching you. Hey, you dont need to be an athlete to eat carbs! EVERYONE needs a truck load of em ESPECIALLY if you have children/family to look after, want to get fitter or stay fit. When i get home from a normal training session i drink straight away or ideally get water in me before i get to fruit. Why drink BEFORE...

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5 reasons to get more sleep

5 reasons to get more sleep Getting enough sleep makes you happier, healthier, slimmer—and should trump all your other priorities 1. Live longer and healthier The link between sleep and health is becoming clearer. Blood pressure and heart rate are typically at their lowest levels during sleep; people who sleep less tend to have higher blood pressure. The association between hypertension and sleep duration could explain other research findings that link lack of sleep to an increased risk of heart attack, diabetes, weight gain and other problems. Meanwhile, sleeping better may help you fight off illness. Sleep deprivation makes your body’s emergency stress system kick in. “Then you get all kinds of physiological problems,” says Eva Libman, associate director of the behavioural psychotherapy and research unit at Montreal’s Jewish General Hospital. “Certainly, not getting enough sleep can undermine the immune system.” In fact, bedrest may make your flu shot work better as well. In a University of Chicago study, men who were vaccinated while being deprived of sleep (the subjects were not allowed to sleep more than four hours a night) produced less than half the antibodies to the flu virus that vaccinated men who got a full night’s rest did. Simply stated, people who sleep well live longer. So say good night sooner, and it may help you stay vital to a ripe old age. 2. Be happier,...

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