I remember earlier this year when I stood up online for girls who fall into eating disorders after being told they need to count grapes and live on 1600 cals a day, whilst training HARD to get ‘bikini body confidence’ I got flogged by haters on social media and even sued in Supreme Court and threatened with jail time for speaking up for those not confident enough to do it themselves.

My recent views on domestic violence are also attracting a similar niche of drainbows and victim enablers who claim to be ‘love and light’ but are saying things like “hope u end up back in prison, hope u get hit by a bus again, hope u die in your sleep and even one psycho saying “I will destroy anyone who supports Durianrider!!”. WTF?

How about u haters form a vigilante group instead and put your rage and hatred into finding out where these DV perpetrators live and unleashing on them as u are obviously run on violence and rage.

I have put up over 100 comments online today but a small group of wankers keep taking me out of context and only focusing on 1 post I wrote that I wrote in a harsh tone that was DESIGNED to change the mental state of someone whose face was still bleeding! It is a highly effective technique that works 100% of the time in my experience.

Turning someone from anxiety and panic into a state of “what the fuck did they just say???” is something that takes guts to do but works in easing pain immediately. It is like a verbal green whistle. I also noticed that NONE of those haters posted the N&S photos on the net that I did.

Instagram deleted it but other sites have still left it up. Im a results driven person VS emotion driven.

If u don’t support name and shame then please unfollow asap.

If u don’t support making individuals feel they have an immediate choice in the moment then please unfollow asap so I don’t have to waste more time deleting your victim enabling rage spam.