*If you like reading drama then read on. If you don’t then keep scrolling.
Ok so you like drama? Here is some banter from my jealous ex who keeps posting stuff daily on her facebook and tumblr that I feel obligated to clarify the actual truth. FL also keeps badgering my current GF with all sorts of banter via private messages on instagram.
The truth is I put on my festival in Thailand after disagreeing with how WFF was ran and I respected Mike Arnstein enough to not attend and just create my own festival with my own rules and run it by myself which I did in 2014. FL and myself lied to you about why she didnt turn up to Chiang Mai.
We both said it was the dogs but in reality it was that FL HATES being around noobs and people asking her questions over and over. Especially if those ‘noobs’ are women she finds ‘competition’. That is why she didnt turn up in 2014 and why she never turns up to any local potlucks on the gold coast. The only reason she used to turn up was I guilt tripped her into showing up. I would use the angle ‘do it for her fans after all the money and support they have given her over the years it is the least she could do’ and it worked every time. Yes Im a manipulator.
Figsy was a rescue dog that FL has since abandoned. Figsy is staying with some people I organised to look atfer her. It was only meant to be for a few weeks but long story short it has about a year now.
Why am I coming out about this now? Well today it is because she still can’t let it go and starts up fresh slander and banter. I also legit care about my community and anyone that was at my festival last year or the previous years saw how disinterested FL is for anything other than a quick selfie and chat. She even would leave Q&A early every single day except that day she tried to sledge me publically in front of you all. Sorry about that. It was very awkward I agree.
How many of you got your bike fixed, got a youtube shout out, went to dinner with or got paced up the mountain by FL? Exactly. She simply does NOT care but pretends to. She always sat at a table with the same batch and was always pretending to be in a rush so she didnt have to talk very long or stop and help anyone. (Sorry FL, you don’t have to care but if you are going to pretend you care then you actually have to earn that by personifying it).
As for my mate robin whom I introduced to FL and told him that she was actually keen on him and I had no problem with, I don’t hold any grudges towards him and actually many witnessed us training together during the festival even though they literally hooked up the very day we split up. Some say it was before that based on the videos they made together but either way, everyone at the festival witnessed my amicable behavior towards Robin and also the fact that I gave his channel a shout out in a compilation video at the end of the festival.
If anyone is a ‘bitter jealous ex’ it surely is FL because she would rather walk barefoot over a 1000 rusty botox needles than give my GF any sort of over public praise.
And FL If you are serious about ‘meeting all you guys that I love!’ then what is stopping you from attending or putting on potlucks in your local area or putting on a vegan cycling festival yourself? Exactly you wouldnt so stop pretending you do care when you dont.
No hard feelings FL, wish you the best of luck in the future and how about we end the constant banter so we can both finally move on and spend out online time doing things more productive?