Durianriders Lean Body Bible


My second ebook is a cycling weight loss tips ebook called Durianriders Lean Body Bible. Cycling is the physical reason Freelee & myself stay in such great shape year round. EVERYBODY needs to do exercise but not everyone knows what to do or how to do it! We show you how and why!

This is the LAST training manual you will ever need if your goal is a fitter and trimmer body. BE and STAY in your best shape ever. It is written in easy to understand text and is in instant download ebook format so you can get reading straight away.

No more burpees.
No more stinky fart and detox bikram stuffy stuff rooms.
No more stress fractures from running.
No more boot camp overuse injuries.
No more crossfit membership rubbish.
No more counting grapes and trashing your metabolism from starving.
Learn how to eat and train right. Learn what took me over 350000km of cycling to learn. Learn all of what I know in just a few hours of reading.

Table of contents.
Chapter 1 What is the best bike for you? (constantly updated with the latest models that I recommend.)
Chapter 2 Cycling shoes are only for pro riders?
Chapter 3 Gears – Grind or spin?
Chapter 4 Power meters? Scam or pure gold?
Chapter 5 Tires,wheels & $10000 worth of money saving tips!
Chapter 6 Eating for stamina and maximum weight loss
Chapter 7 Climbing mentality
Chapter 8 Sleeping habits
Chapter 9 What can we learn from dopers
Chapter 10 Durianrider’s training plan for beginners
Chapter 11 Second wind explained.
Chapter 12 Bicycle Security
Chapter 13 Bunch Riding Skills
Chapter 14 Touring Tips For Weight Loss
Chapter 15 FAQ + Extra weight loss tips for you and your bicycle.

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