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yep i ended up rocking into adelaide 24 hours before the start of the 2008 adelaide marathon. it was a shock from the last 3 months of tropical heat and humidity to be greeted with nice cold rain and!

anyways, i lasted only about 27km at 4;30 pace and my right hip abductor shouted “we can limp to the finish line or you can stop right now and remain injury free”

my average heart rate was only 161. i was just cruz’n. expecting to unload at the 30km mark and go for gold. but the only thing i was unloading was the lack of training i thought i could get away with.

durianrider talked the talk, but couldnt walk the walk! lol!

i gotta learn to take my own advice sometimes..and my advice to myself regarding marathon running is ‘more miles in training, means more smiles in racing..

this year ive done a 16km road run that was up and down a mountain. and the longest run i did on flat tarmac was 10km. 10 days before yesterday..

other than plain lack of training, i had everything organised. i felt carbed to go the distance, hydrated, warm enough, got there on time, mentally focused and amped up, correct fitting shoes and socks, shorts and singlet and running cap. every detail down to my heart rate monitor belt feeling perfect…but none of it could make up for the fact that my cycling legs had not been provided with sufficient road running impact to be able to handle the pace i desired to run at..

so at least i got 27km of solid running in my legs yesterday. even if i had to walk up to this keyboard with my tail between my legs..

thanks for all the support you crew provided. i will be back to have another sub 3 hr marathon crack.._________________