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This was the conversation that was going on yesterday as we were approaching the main climb of yesterdays A grade road race in Northern New South Wales.

As we approached the climb the pace started to light up and a rider behind me said to Nick Gates (Tour de France, Tour of Spain and Giro rider) ‘I can hardly breathe!’ Gates replied ‘Get off the fucken dairy!’. I almost fell off my bike but then I have heard of many pro athletes ditching meat and dairy when they want to perform at their peak. Mark Cavendish in his book ‘boyracer’ said how he doesnt drink milk or eat meat and he has won more tour stages than anyone so slowly, slowly the elite athletes are catching up with what works and what just hinders performance. Carl Lewis said ‘I had the best year of my life athletically when I was a vegan..’

So how did I go in that race? I lasted the 1745m of climbing and got dropped with 12km to go Β on the flat after making a technical mistake that you just cant do in A grade! πŸ™‚ Its a mistake I wont make again in a hurry and learn to pay more attention next time. I did record the highest wattage on my powertap of any race Ive done before.

I went out today and did 92km with some strong riders that just didnt know how to ride easy. I was another great ride with some more wattage in the tank.

Today I ate 4800calories before 2pm and Im ready to have a crack this week at trying to break my personal record of 515km solo in 24hrs on the road bike. Lets see if I can walk it like I talk it.. πŸ™‚

Drink up, eat up, sleep up and train up!