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What about Mercola?

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I get many emails requesting my opinions about Dr Mercola’s dietary advice so its time I wrote a blog about it.

Im sure Jo Mercola is a nice guy and obviously has a passion for sales & marketing and thats fine but the numerous people Ive heard back from when they follow these quack, low carb, high fat diets has inspired me to speak up so others can learn before they get suckered in by the enticing ‘buy 2 GET ONE FREE!’ speel.

Mercola advises people against eating a fruit salad but advises people follow ‘metabolic typing’ and eat fried chicken livers for breakfast and ‘depending your metabolic typing, use pig fat or coconut oil…’

The dude is a snake oil salesman with a capital S. 😉

Mercola recently put up an informercial in the ‘Huffington post’ talking about the dangers of eating fruit ‘cos its got fructose mate!’. The question I ask is how come they can never do a study on human fruit eaters vs using studies done on rats using GMO HFCS? That would be worth noting.

Mercola tried to ‘debunk’ the china study. For those that don’t know what the China Study is, its just the most comprehensives nutritional study ever its no big deal.. 😉 It was put together by Dr Campbell and has over 700 studies corroborating its findings. Mercola said its not ‘accurate’. Number of studies Dr Campbell has published?: Over 350. Number of studies Mercola has published?: ZERO.

Mercola even sells ‘restravol’ on his website. He does ‘you the favour’ of extracting the ‘harmful sugars’ from the grapes and then providing you with the ‘left over antioxidants’… Hang on Mercola? Arent you just selling suckers the left overs from the wine industry?

One look at his site (the huffington post article had about 5 links in his article) and you have a whole plethora of ‘industrial waste products’ pedalled as ‘superfoods’ and ‘latest breakthrough’ in ‘advanced nutrition’.

So, what is an industrial waste product? Well its something a company has left over and needs to be dumped. Whey, grape seeds/skins, fish oil etc..these are all left overs from food industry and big profits are to be made on gullible customers that buy into the hype the snakeoil crew spout during their informercials on late night tv, magazines, MLM flyers etc.

Also how come these ‘guru’s’ all have pictures of fruits and vegetables on their sites/books etc to promote a healthy image but then go on to sell BS and say ‘don’t eat too much fruit now…fruit is bad!’ I say ‘yeah, bad for business!’ 😉

Heck, just advise your customer base follows a low carb diet and in a few days their glycogen stores will be so low that they will be even more naive and malleable and help you make even more profit margins from selling BS to peeps that cant tell fact from fiction.

Here are some other observations Ive made recently..

Has anyone ever wondered why the sudden emergence of ‘longevity strategists’ are always around 25 -35?

Has anyone ever wondered why all the low carb diet guru’s use the same photo shopped photo from 2 decades ago and or they NEVER have any real cardio fitness? (oh thats right, ‘cardio is bad for you!’)

Has anyone ever wondered why despite all the miracles their low carb diet books promise, that the authors themselves don’t have much more fitness and health than the average SAD eater?

Has anyone ever wondered why the nations today that eat the least animal products and eat the most fruits/whole grains have better health and fitness than western crew that have more money than sense and buy into the carb phobia crapola?

So bottom line, question what is encouraged and by doing that, it will help you build up more ‘critical thinking muscle’ so you can decipher thru the confusion and marketing delusion. Sure there are lots of sincere people out there just trying to make a buck, but the majority of them are sincerely wrong. By keeping your glycogen, hydration and sleep levels stocked everyday, this will help you stay on track when others get trapped in the mud pit of the ‘sales pitch’.

Aajonus Vonderplanitz is from California and his real name is Dick something. He was an actor on General Hospital turn diet guru overnight. He has a self appointed Phd in nutrition. In an interview with Stanley Bass Aajonus said “I have always since the age of 3, craved orgasim.”

He has a book called ‘We want to live’ and its written like a novel. Very entertaining reading but for the uninformed, very dangerous information. Aajonus talks about eating green bananas vs ripe ones and that you should eat lots of white bread baguettes with raw unsalted butter if you get low blood sugar. But sweet fruit is bad he says.

A good friend of mine and ex housemate was an Aajonus fan. She ate his high fat, low fruit diet and I personally felt she suffered the whole time from melancholy, fatigue and binge prone eating (as I later found out). She ended up getting some food poisoning from animal products and decided to do an unsupervised fast with phone guidance from ‘dont eat more than a banana a day’ John Fielder. She got real dehydrated and ended up in hospital on life support and passed away soon after from renal failure. I was in Thailand at the time and know for fact that had she not eaten this high fat, animal based diet, she would be here today and a different person.

All of the people that I have met that eat raw animal products have experienced varing levels of dental decay. From missing teeth to increasing cavities. Its no suprise with the amount of high acid load animal products that are consumed. Lots of raw milk, cream, eggs, cow muscle and bird. Apparently its meant to raise b12 levels but all of my friends that have shared their blood tests with me have low to borderline b12 serum levels.

(more on that later.)

Aajonus came to Australia last year and gave a talk in Robina QLD. I knew 3 people that attended and they shared how Aajonus was sick from food poisoning the whole time. He had to cut his talk off early and spent the day and night vomiting in a bath tub and over the balcony outside. When question what was wrong, Aajonus said ‘I was poisoned by the Thai mafia..’ Yep.
He charged one of my friends 400$AUS for a 1hr consult. Fair enough but let me tell you what my friend got told..
Aajonus looked as his scalp and said: You have a very rare fungal infection (Aajonus told the same thing to the next person we found out), and need to consume NO water, eat green bananas and put a pin hole in some eggs and leave them on a window seal for 30-40days until they turn black and then eat them. So my friend did and he ended up taken to hospital in an ambulance when his throat shut right up and he felt like he was going to die. They have him IV antibiotics and steriods to fight the infection that was raging in this throat/lymph glands. My friend then when released from hospital said he felt better and that his diet had ‘promoted a cleanse he was not ready for’…
I asked him what is the difference between food poisoning and a cleanse? He said ‘well if its raw meat and you get sick, its a cleanse and if its cooked meat and you get sick its food poisoning’.. Really? How do we explain all those people that died of Ecoli, listeria, botulism, stiga spores, salmonella, camphobacteria  from eating animal products or foods contaminated from animal products…

Here is a link from Dr Ralph Moss reviewing Aajonus Vonderplanitz book ‘we want to live’.
Aajonus also recommends eating animal products for b12. But he says its not enough and you must put some meat in a glass jar and leave it in the fridge for a few months to ‘get high’. Im talking black, green and blue ‘high’. He also advise coprophagia (eating your own shite). One recipie Aajonus Vonderplanitz advises is ‘a cut of fatty meat, smeared with your own faeces and put inside a glass jar in the fridge for 6months plus.’

Now this is coming from the guy that said he was a ‘vegetarian sort of vegan’ and ended up cycling out in the desert and almost dying but was saved by wild coyotes that killed a rabbit for him and made him eat it. He got healed within hours of his cancer. Yet Aajonus has NEVER shown any evidence of any of his ‘hundreds of heart attacks/deathly cancer’. Maybe the word ‘fraud’ is being generous.
For example, he claims that he has helped heal over 200 people of
cancer with his approach. He has said this *publicly* in print. And
yet he refuses to provide *any* evidence of these cases. And to the
best of my knowledge, no one has come forward testifying that they
were one of the folks healed by AV.
The same goes for his own diseases that he claims to have overcome.

They are numerous and quite serious. Surely there is a record
somewhere that he had some of these challenges. Yet nothing, as far as
I know, has been put forth by AV. Such an approach makes it very
difficult to go to bat for him.

My goal of this thread is to bring more information to this person who claims a lot but cant back any of it up. Ive watched his DVD and the highlight is an old man that claims he is in superior health and can now skip rope for a few minutes. Serious.

So next time you need some water, remember, you cant drink water and that Aajonus says ‘deep yellow urine is a sign of health’ so perhaps just put a tub of raw butter in the dehydrator and melt it down and drink that instead..

I present to you my venting for your amusement and betterment.

1. “Lets all waste money!” Daniel (You still need titty milk) Vitalis is selling 1kg tubs of Colostrum for 175$US?.

a) True
b) False

2. Daniels Special ‘surthrivalist’ grade colostrum was stolen within 6 hours from mother cow giving birth?

a) True
b) False

3. Colostrum contains IGF-1 in high amounts and is linked to various forms of cancer?

a) True
b) False

PS: click here if your not sure.

4. Daniel Vitalis is just another multi-level marketing selling, David Wolfe wannabe, that wears funny outfits, takes ‘natural’ drugs and walks around town with a knife?

a) True
b) True

Eat yourself impotent.

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Eat Yourself Impotent by Dr McDougall.

Erectile dysfunction: the new harbinger for major adverse cardiac events in the diabetic patient by Carmine Gazzaruso in the May 2008 issue of the Journal of the American College of Cardiology found, “…ED is a powerful predictor of cardiovascular morbidity and mortality in diabetic patients with silent CAD…”1 An accompanying study, Erectile dysfunction predicts coronary heart disease in type 2 diabetes, in this same issue by Ronald Ching-Wan Ma found, “In type 2 diabetic men without clinically overt cardiovascular disease, the presence of ED predicts a new onset of CHD events.

Symptoms of ED should be independently sought to identify high-risk subjects for comprehensive cardiovascular assessments.”2 Comment: The same high fat animal based diet that closes the arteries to the heart (heart attacks) and brain (stroke) also closes the arteries to the penis—the result is erectile dysfunction (ED), which means a delay in time to maximal erection, reduced rigidity, and decreased ability to sustain an erection. An interesting question asked in an accompanying editorial was, “ Why does ED seem to precede symptoms of CAD in patients with a vascular etiology for ED?”3The answer, “…this phenomenon relates to the size or diameter of the blood vessels. For example, the penile artery has a diameter of 1 to 2 mm, whereas the proximal left anterior descending coronary artery is 3 to 4 mm in diameter.

An equally sized atherosclerotic plaque burden in the smaller penile arteries would more likely first compromise flow and cause ED compared with the same amount of plaque in the larger coronary artery causing angina.” People with ED also have higher risks for heart attacks, heart surgery, strokes, transient ischemic attack (TIA), congestive heart failure, cardiac arrest, and cardiac arrhythmia. The reason is these conditions are all diseases of sick blood vessels—atherosclerosis.

Patients with health problems are also more likely to be taking medications, such as blood pressure pills, that commonly cause sexual dysfunction. Fortunately, with a change in diet and a little exercise most of our patients are able to lower their blood pressure and get off of their “erection deflating” medications, and they are able to reduce their “plaque burden” by reversing the underlying atherosclerosis. My male patients (and sometimes their mates) often share with me tales of their renewed vigor and vitality. Now there’s a valid reason to eat vegetables. For more on the damage to male sexual functions from meat- and dairy-eating see the end of my July 2003 newsletter article, “Meat in the Human Diet.” Eat Yourself Impotent Erectile dysfunction: the new harbinger for major adverse cardiac events in the diabetic patient by Carmine Gazzaruso in the May 2008 issue of the Journal of the American College of Cardiology found, “…ED is a powerful predictor of cardiovascular morbidity and mortality in diabetic patients with silent CAD…”1

Gazzaruso C, Solerte SB, Pujia A, Coppola A, Vezzoli M, Salvucci F, Valenti C, Giustina A, Garzaniti A. Erectile dysfunction as a predictor of cardiovascular events and death in diabetic patients with angiographically proven asymptomatic coronary artery disease: a potential protective role for statins and 5-phosphodiesterase inhibitors. J Am Coll Cardiol. 2008 May 27;51(21):2040-4. 2) Ma RC, So WY, Yang X, Yu LW, Kong AP, Ko GT, Chow CC, Cockram CS, Chan JC, Tong PC. Erectile dysfunction predicts coronary heart disease in type 2 diabetes. J Am Coll Cardiol. 2008 May 27;51(21):2045-50. 3) Kloner RA. Erectile dysfunction: the new harbinger for major adverse cardiac events in the diabetic patient.J Am Coll Cardiol. 2008 May 27;51(21):2051-2.