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People say ‘yeah but you guys are hardcore athletes! Running marathons, cycling all around the joint, doing kick boxing..’ yeah thats true BUT remember, we dont have:

9-5 stress ball jobs
Debt stress
Extra weight to lug around all day.

Most people do and that means they need more or the same amount of calories as us ‘hardcore athletes’. Someone said today to me ‘but Harley, you exercise a lot so its different..’ I said ‘yeah but your fat, work more hours than me and have a family to cook, clean and wash and stress over, I dont. Im a lightweight, I go home and look at spiders in the garden and sit on my macbook and make youtube most of my calories goes to cycling, sex, talking and spiders.’

They almost ‘got it’. But years of ‘your fat, you need to eat less carbs’ is hard to give up in one conversation even if the person standing in front of you is fit, lean, strong and eats massive meals every meal of the day.

Your fat you need to eat less carbs = your gonna starve, and binge hard and then try another cleanse, diet, guru or drug to treat the symptom of you continually undereating on carbs be it bananas or rice.

So bottom line:

If you have kids you need more carbs
If you have fat/muscle to lug around, you need more carbs.
If you want to get fitter, leaner, stronger, you need more carbs.
If you want to have drug free energy, you need more carbs.
If you want better sleep, you need more carbs.
If you want better hydration you need more carbs.
If you want to have a better life, you need more carbs.
If you want real relationships, you need more carbs.
If you want to have great sex, you need more carbs..

If you want to be a nut job, yo yo dieter, obese, emaciated, stimulant using, binge prone and need less carbs.

I remember a bike race a few years back. It was a mild summers day and there first race. The circuit was just 2km laps of an industrial estate. The race was approx 40 minutes + 2 laps.

Midway thru the race my friend got dropped. They had been sitting on the front driving the pace and doing too much work. They tried to chase the breakaways and didnt understand the concept of ‘sitting in’ and having a break. They eventually got dropped and kept chasing for around 15 minutes. I said ‘just slow down and let them lap you and just jump on the end of the bunch, its your first race, its ok, just get some more ‘race pace’ in your legs.

My friend didnt understand the concept of sitting in, not working too much or taking a lap out and just sitting on the back of the pack. (It was just a tuesday night race in a lower grade, not the world championships..its ok to take a lap out and sit in whilst you learn more about how racing works.)

Anyway, my friend just kept pushing and pushing and totally blew up and ended up sitting on the side of the road crying. I said ‘WTF are you crying for? Did you have a bad crash?’ They said ‘No but Im a loser! I got dropped!’.

I pretended to pour some water on them to knock em out of their loser mindset. I then said ‘Dude! Its just a bike race!!! YOUR FIRST BIKE RACE! and you dont yet know the ropes..its ok to sit in, its ok to get dropped, you think Lance never gets dropped or sits in? Heck he DNF’d a few tours before he finished any. He has a whole team built so he can sit in..’.

I told my friend that they gotta learn the fundamentals of bike racing before they call themselves a loser over one newbie mistake. They MUST learn how to save their energy, sit in, only work when they need to etc.

To my knowledge, my friend never raced again after that. Their belief was that they tried with all their heart and they got dropped. To them that means they are a loser. How sad. How about trying with all your heart with the RIGHT STRATEGY? How about learning from others that get some good race results? How about learning from others that get some raw health and fitness results?

I see it all the time in the health and fitness world that people think if they are uber disciplined then they will reach their goals. But not even Lance Armstrong can sit on the front of the TDF and just smash them to pieces day in, day out. Not even Tony Robbins with all his mind tricks and NLP can discipline himself to eat in a manner that keeps him lean fit and strong.

When you deny your body of sweet fruits and your goal is raw health and fitness, then you do what my friend did and set yourself up for catastrophic failure. That could mean chronic fatigue, depression, fear, paranoia, obesity, emaciation, no libido, bad digestion, binge prone or even death.

Bananas & dates are the rice and pasta of the raw lean, strong and fit lifestyle. You can try and say no but you will end up crying in the gutter like my friend did.

Why diets dont work.

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Why do I advise eating over 3000+ cals a day for adults that want high energy lifestyles when all the ‘diet experts’ advise often half or less of that? It makes sense for me to explain why starvation diets NEVER work longterm in producing health, vibrancy and fitness.

Why? Well expecting us to function the same on LESS calories is like getting your car to drive the same distance on LESS fuel. It doesn’t work that way. You might say ‘but we can store fat and our car cant! so we need to starve the fat off!’ Well that works if you want to live like a prisoner of war in your own body but how about we see it from this angle; EAT MORE TO LIVE MORE! eat so much carbs that you have enough energy to live at the intensity, quality and contribution that melts the body blubber like the sun melts ice. How about it? Sounds too simple? Sounds too easy? Does it have to be harder? Does it have to be more complicated? If so book mark this page, close this book and slap yourself in the face with it please. Why act like a computer and have to punch the information into yourself? Why not take the easy route? Nature makes it easy for us to breathe, eat, breed etc so all we have to do is eat the right stuff and eat enough of it so we don’t want the dodgy stuff. Makes sense but it doesn’t make a lot of dollars!

When we understand how the body needs carbs to burn fat effectively then we lose the fear of carbs forever. The body needs carbs to burn fat like fire needs oxygen. When we are burning fat in the absence of carbs, we enter ketosis and this literally sucks the life force out of us and sucks in general! Your legs feel heavy, you cant focus, you get really depressed, you constantly crave dense junky foods and you run the risk of organ failure.

So you starve, lose a bit of weight, get hungry, binge slap on the pounds plus some more and the yo yo’n begins. All the while the diet experts wait in the shadows ready to sell and tell you more lies with recipes for low carb fries.

You try a new programme, the latest and greatest, promised to work this time. It never does. Why? Cos they ALL defy basic human physiology and are designed to create money vs health and fitness. But you don’t care, your so desperate you will drink weeds, guzzle vinegar, fry bird livers in pigs body fat, drink bovine mammary excretions or eat super chocolate for breakfast. We get so undercarbed on these programmes that we cant see fact from fiction and thats good for the industry but bad for people like yourself. Why don’t these starvation, low cal,low carb fad diets work longterm? because the first thing the human body does when it takes in less calories than it expends is this; It craves high calorie foods. This is NOT an eating disorder. This is a physiological response to starvation. Just like a hungry cow will eat a duck. Its the body saying ‘hey! we are in famine here! just eat anything now!’

So then you binge on junk, start to look & feel crap and then the first thing you do is cut back on calories. You go down to 800,1000 or maybe that ‘healthy’ diet of calorie restriction intake of 1400calories a day. Like I just said before, now the ‘eating disorders’ kick in. You have starved your body and now its taking over so it doesn’t die. High calorie foods are on the list. Greasy foods that have some carbohydrates in them like pizza, burgers, fries, ice cream, candy, chocolate etc. These are the most fattening foods and people think its the carbohydrates in these foods that make em fat. Yeah right. Ever seen an obese person that lives on water and sugar? Me either. Either seen an obese person that fuels themselves on baked potatoes, steamed rice, vegetables and fruit? Me either! Either seen an obese person that eats 7000cals a day from greasy foods and doesn’t get as much carbs as somebody on a 2500cal low fat, high carb diet? I see it everyday!!

So thats the trap. The person is eating a low carb, low volume high fat diet rich in calories and the fat just stacks up on the body yet they are constantly hungry because they still are not supplying their body with enough daily carbohydrates and the hunger drive continues but they keep fighting it because they think they need to starve to burn off the fat…can you see the insanity that ensues? Its like someone turning on a tap and having it over flow the bathroom and then they pick up a sledgehammer and start smashing out the walls so the water doesn’t pool up. All they have to do is turn off the tap (eat low fat, high carb) but thats just too simple. Lets start hammering! Perhaps if they buy a more expensive sledgehammer or a certain sledgehammer from a certain guru?

Does that analogy make sense? Turning ON the tap is eating low carb, high fat. Turning OFF the tap is eating low fat, high carb. Trying to starve off the fat is the act of sledgehammering out the bathroom walls. Can you relate to this or know someone that could? With over 70% of the western world overweight/obese and rising, we are seeing a lot of flowing taps and sledgehammers unfortunately. The weight loss industry is making its trillions on fixing the walls, selling fancy sledgehammers and offering emotional support for those that continue to destroy their bathrooms via ignorance, confusion, apathy etc. Wait a minute Harley! Did you say apathy?!! Why on earth would someone smash down walls and continue too if they knew better? Well when you’ve done so much damage often people become apathetic and don’t really care anymore. Heck, they think they get more attention now anyways. ‘oh you poor thing, you’ve put a sledgehammer to your bathroom again, there there…’.

Isn’t it funny that around dinner time that ‘eating disorder’ kicks in? (your parents must have ruined your self esteem at the same time every day) and you find yourself desiring high calorie fatty junk foods/alcohol etc so you can get some calories that you have been depriving yourself of over the last few hours/days/months or even years. Yes! If you have been underrating carbs for long enough your body will EVENTUALLY play ‘catch up’ and start to chow down ‘whatever’ it can. I was watching an Oprah show and they featured an adopted child from a famine country. The child now lived with an affluent family and at meal times this child would eat so much that they would be psychically sick afterwards from eating so much volume in so little time.


Whenever you don’t eat enough carb your body will:
Crave high calorie foods – instant ‘eating disorder’.
Slow its metabolism down – aka chronic fatigue.
Lose its lean muscle mass – aka looking like a marathon runner but cant even run around the block. OR you have 10 inch biceps but cant even bench press your bodyweight.
And store fat -FAT, FAT, FAT, FAT, FAT!

Empower yourself so you can empower others.

Carbs don’t make you fat.
Carbs are your fuel.
Carbs are essential.
Carbs are energy.
Carbs are what your body lives on.

Low carb doesn’t work. I beg you – end your carb phobia. Don’t ever reduce your carb intake and starve your body again. If you do, you will get the same results you got ever time you did. Sure you drop a bit of water weight for a few days and then the roller coaster begins leaving you feeling like a failure and just a bit fatter and weaker. Whenever you cut carbs has it worked longterm? NEVER! Carbs are key in living the high intensity lifestyle. High intensity lifestyles are active, fun, noble, adventurous and what is going to save the planet. Do you want to be a fat, weak, depressed binge prone burden on yourself, others and the planet or do you want to be carbed up, hydrated, well slept, super fit, emotionally stable and satiated at EVERY meal time so you can be a force for good?

When it comes to carbs, eat more to live more. When it comes to fat, the fat you eat is the fat you wear.

Photo from October 2010