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Mark Sisson says about me that I do ‘endless miles to stay lean’. I averaged 36km per day in 2010.

Sisson says ‘Carbs make you fat, fat makes you lean and so does protein’. But he says Im lean cos I do ‘endless miles and a high mileage programme. IMHO I dont call 36km a day cycling and 2.7km running (around 80 minutes) a day ‘high mileage/endless miles’!. Sure some months I bang out some km’s but then there is weeks where I have recovery and just chill. That gives me the balance of recovery and fitness growth stimulation. Mark Sisson should know better as he was someone that trained up to 30 hours a week consistently. I dont advise people to train more than 10 hours a week consistently unless they also live the lifestyle that allows em to do that and still get enough sleep/recovery etc.

Mark Sisson said recently in Kevin Gianni’s ‘Great health debate’ “My goal is to LOOK fit, not BE fit!’ . Sounds like an admission of HGH to me. 😉 Look at all the products Mark Sisson sells!!! And he says that a fruit based vegan diet ‘aint natural’. He Mark! Where is the protein powder and the rest of the crap found in nature bro?? Oh thats right, dont question what your getting told and sold. Just sit back and buy more. The great american dream: consume more crap in the hope that one morning you will wake up looking like the HGH abusing guru that sold you the fed ex box of false tries, fish eyes and marketing lies.

Sisson says not to eat more than 150g of carbs per day otherwise you risk obesity. I regularly eat over a 1000g of carbs per day and at 6ft and around 65kg, I wouldnt exactly say Im joining the sumo wrestlers anytime soon. I mean you ever seen a vegan sumo? A sumo that eats low fat, high carb? ME EITHER! Good thing Mark Sisson’s target market is so undercarbed that they cant see this elephant in the living room. I mean he does some HGH shots, takes some diuretics and uses the same few photos from 7 years ago, again and again and people dont question it. He prays on complacent, carb phobic, apathetic, overworked, desperate Americans that have more money than sense and want to hear good things about their bad habits. Basically Sisson’s carb starvation programme involves pig legs stuffed with chicken flesh, crap loads of supplements and frequent visits to paypal to eat this ‘primal blueprint’ fad diet.

Hey Mark: You go on and on about how primal it is to eat chickens and cows but have you ever stopped to think that these animals were not around until recently? Cos you use the same argument against high fruit consumption saying ‘well we wouldnt get much fruit back in the day’. But if your customer base ate loads of fruit then you would be out of business cos they wouldnt need your thousands of $ of yearly supplements that you ‘sincerely advice’ people consume. So consuming protein powders etc is a recent thing vs ‘primal’?

Thats right dude! Its 2011 and its time we started living like humans instead of neanderthals driving porsches and loading fat people up with more fat! Hey Mark, isnt your wife a Vegan that eats a Dr McDougall programme? I was told you went to DrMcDougall’s retreat recently. How come your wife aint fat on all those plant foods? Interesting huh? 😉

Here is the 1 of 4 shots that are on the net. This shot is from a few years ago. If you look at Mark’s recent youtube vids you see him wearing a shirt and just giving a face shot. He doesnt have the low body fat levels/muscle mass that he had in these shots.

Mark obviously doped up to get this shot with HGH, diuretics etc and so these shots from years ago just circulate around and end up on the computer screens of complacent people wanting to hear why they should stay away from cardio and have double beef patties fried in extra pig’s body fat and followed by stevia sweetened cheesecake with extra cheese on top!

I dont hate Mark Sisson but I do hate these sort of marketing techniques that are used to blatantly exploit overweight people that have no idea about health & fitness and therefore cant descern fact from marketing hype like these dudes promote.

Loren Cordain is another huckster. Look at the photo he uses for his books/interviews.

This is what he REALLY looks like in 2011. BIG DIFFERENCE! (now Im not making fun of fat people but if your a ‘health guru’ then you gotta expect people like me to put you under the spotlight when your making claims that high fat diets turn you into a ripped, HGH using cave man that spends all day sitting in spa baths with bikini models and eating pigs body fat. 😉

Why a vegan diet is dangerous!

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Ive been a vegan since April 2001 and cycled over 180 000km since. Currently race in A grade, have won a few 24hr solo xc races overall, ran marathons, ultra marathons, won running races overall etc. What I can tell you is that you will get the same questions over and over and that you MUST see it as an opportunity to share the truth vs take it personally and get irritated! lol!

What am I talking about? Well I ran a 10k pb 3 days ago of 37:22 and after the race a fellow runner that was with me at the start and ended up over 10 mins behind said whilst pointing at my ‘go vegan’ singlet ‘Your a vegan hey? well but you gotta be careful on that vegan diet, you probably got a protein deficiency mate!, I had a mate that was vegetarian and he got really sick!’

I replied in a sincere tone ‘Thanks for the concern bro, Ive actually been vegan for coming up 10 years and just put around 10 minutes into you in a 10k, so maybe, just maybe, Im getting enough protein (wink). I also dont drink coffee or take redbull etc before races. I get my bloods done often to show others how good they are so just google ‘vegan blood tests’ if your interested. Hey, sounds like your vegetarian mate should give up the eggs, dairy and fish cos that stuff is very high in cholesterol and can kill you and in the mean time give you all sorts of blood sugar, digestive, immune system issues. Id recommend him a vegan lifestyle that is rich in fruits/veg and low in fat. Also one must get enough sleep, sun, water and rest REGARDLESS of what you eat.’

I added in “Today in 2011 we have no reason not to be vegan. We know that there is not a single disease caused by being a vegan. They used to say it was vitamin b12 deficiency but we see rampant b12 deficiency in the US/Australia!

Even fish eaters are told to take DHA/EPA supplements! Fish is actually a poor source of omega 3 when you compare it to flax/chia/hemp seeds. Fish today is full of brain damaging methy mercury too!

‘Half a cow per day bodybuilders’ are told to consume protein powders, b12 injections, creatine, carnitine, zinc, iron and selenium supplements!”

Our friend said ‘well I guess that makes sense and when you think about it, a vegan diet probably suits runners anyway but my goal is to put on more muscle so I need more protein than you vegans would get.’ Again I replied in a sincere voice ‘well if you want to put on lots of muscle, doing 10k running races would be the worst thing you could do bro! Ive got vegan bodybuilder friends that have triple your muscle size and do you take a protein powder?’

He said ‘Yeah I take a protein powder and a host of supplements, whats wrong with that?’ I said ‘nothing wrong bro but your original question was that I should be careful I dont run into deficiencies but you take more supps than me by the sounds of it and you said you couldnt be a vegan cos you wouldnt get enough protein but you still take a protein supplement anyway? Thats like me saying you cant ride a bike on the road cos you might have an accident and you must drive a car instead, but cars have accidents dont they?’

Looking confused at this point he said ‘Sounds like you’ve had this conversation before! lol!’ I said ‘dude, vegan for almost 10 years and I GET IT ALL THE TIME! but I really enjoy sharing the health & fitness message with people hence my ‘go vegan’ singlet’. We talked some more and I gave him some websites. Turns out he wants to drop a bit of body fat and get healthier as well as increase his strength. Good thing we have the net for giving and sharing so I gave him +

Hey Mark, if your reading, thanks for stopping me and having a chat! See you next race perhaps and start off at a pace you can sustain vs blowing up in the first km and losing big chunks of time. 😉

Loren Lockman: Con man or helpful?

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I was picking up 3 gallons of cane juice one morning from the cane juice dude at and a lady started up about ‘Thats a lot sugar and doesnt it have the bad things of sugar?’ (This sort of conversation happens daily and I love sharing information with people).

So I gave a quick rap about the differences between em and how even refined sugar aint as bad as people think cos kenya eats 20% of their calories and dont have an obesity crisis etc.

Anyways the lady said she has cancer and I told her even more info. She didnt want to hear it but I told her anyway! 🙂 I was still talk’n as she was walk’n off. Didnt phase me if she took it in or not cos my job is to share more than care. If I really cared that most people would rather die than save their lives, Id be a depressed wreck. Doesnt mean I dont care but Ive learnt to share more than care, rather than care more than share.

Share the truth with those and if they care, you should care, otherwise we want it more for them than they want it themselves and its torture for everyone involved!! 🙂

when someone sits down and we can see they are gonna sit on a bird turd, do we just say nothing cos its ‘not our business?’ NO!lol!

when someone parks their car out front of your house and you know it will get badged by the kids down the you say anything?

when someone hooks up with a partner that you know is non commiting and you know your friend is after commitment, do you say anything?

if you can see a cockroaches ass hanging out the back of your friends burger they are about to bite into, do we say anything?

so why the fcuk does society say we can say anything when a kid is getting pumped full o chemo.
when grandpa is gonna get his chest hacksawed open and aorta cleaned with pipe cleaners.
when fat jim or jane is risk’n diabeties from their high fat diet and fruit paranoia?

why the fcuk we feel so guilty for helping crew that need help? why can we tell someone where to go to buy a meat pie but we are ‘vegan fcuk’n nazi psychos when we tell em the meat pie is full of lips and assholes from up to 426 different cows’..or that meat pies are really just mouse coffins! lol! why cant we be honest? WE CAN! but we just think we cant. drones tell us we cant. the same drones programmed by the same system we have lived all our lives. today it must stop. we must turn our hearts back on with the spanner of courage and spray some determination on the lever so its fixed on living its purpose. to decide means to ‘cut off from any other option!’

‘but im only 1 person, durianrider, you dont understand my situation, you dont have my kids, you dont have my bills, you dont have my partner..’ and your right. but you got 24 hours in the day. SAME as everyone else. you got a brain, you got some limbs, you got the ability to read this so you got lots to be grateful for. and if you dont like your situation CHANGE IT OR CHANGE THE MEANINGS YOU ATTACH TO IT..and remember, what we focus on is what we get. wether we deserve it or not. so lets be careful what we wish for, cos our wishes DO come true..

we can speak the truth as we see it. never pass up the opportunity to help a fellow human. sure we can adjust our style accordingly. ie the more time you spend with someone the more WALK’N you can show em. but if your just pass’n someone on the street GIVE EM SOME TALK’N!

what do i mean? sometimes its better to walk, sometimes its better to talk. you decide whats the best way to convey the message you wish to share. thats right, you get to do this at home! anything but ‘dont try this at home folks’…you thought durianrider didnt give homework..wrong, baby, wrong.

so go home tonight and start on your family. when the kids protest and ask whats up, just tell em’ im speak’n from my heart, if you dont like it, you just need to change the meanings you attach to what i say and do. ie you just need to harden the fcuk up..’ lol! you know what i mean..

LETS GET CREATIVE IN OUR DAILY CONTRIBUTIONS! cos if you dont, get creative in educating yourself and those you care about, you can guarantee that madison avenue vulture crew will!

we must always speak up if in our heart it feels the right thing to do. the system has us thinking that our voice doesnt matter. that the oscars matter, that our opinion doesnt matter, that the tv, radio etc is what matters. who are you? your just one person, you dont matter! lol! THIS IS WHAT THEY WANT US TO THINK.

being silent when a fellow human does abusive things to themselves or others is NOT THE LOVING THING TO DO. we must be agents handing out tuff love where needed. help people raise the bar. hold them to a higher standard. and expect them to do the same to us. lets pick up our tuff love rackets and begin the tennis volley that champions are made of..

or we can just shut up and let the system take control…

sure its easier to just be quiet, but we must care enough to lovingly speak the truth!, even when we would just rather gloss over the problem or ignore an issue..

if a toddler walks up to a pole and starts head butting it, do we step in? so whats the difference with big kids aka adults. lets show confused crew the way to health,as its the greatest gift we can give someone..

How come Gary Taubes is a tubby? All that carb phobia got him binging on junk again? Looks like it.
Im sure Gary is a nice guy and my job is to herd the guru’s for the bullshit they spew. Puns intended.

Ive just read Fred’s latest book ‘Raw Food Controversies’. Its not out just yet but its a DEFINITE read for newbie and experienced alike. Why? Well it shares Fred’s journey from David Wolfe’s first employee to where he is today and what he learned along the way.

It has vital information that Im glad Fred included. Information about the importance of eating enough fruit if your goal is raw etc. Its great that there are books out there that highlight were people can make mistakes and why. I dont agree 100% with everything in Fred’s book but would agree with 99% of it.

Here is link to Fred’s shop with more info.
Raw Food Controversies“>