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Paul Chek goes Vego.

Posted: March 30, 2011 in Uncategorized

You know your health guru has a lot of guts when they switch over to a plant based diet and follow their heart. Paul Nison went back to animal products and now has come back over to a plant based lifestyle. Paul Chek is now a vego and used to be one of the most outspoken anti vego’s on in the industry! Good for him for seeing whats right.

To go vegetarian/vegan is to give the middle finger to the status quo mindset. You really have to have a lot of guts to walk away from the death machine and follow your heart.

Im glad people are experiementing and the common things I see when people add in animal products is that they typically get fatter, have dental issues, more depression, have increased digestive issues, decreased stamina and agility RELEVANT to themselves on a high carb, low fat, raw/vegan lifestyle.

Sure some people do better on a SAD diet cos they get way more carbs than when they followed some 1200calorie a day anorexic mouse like ‘holy spiritual wu wu hollywood gourmet raw/vegan’ plan that they ripped out of Shape magazine.

Thats why I go on and on about eating AT LEAST 10g of carbs per kg of bodyweight per day (5g of carbs per lb of bodyweight per day) OTHERWISE people just starve emselves all the way back to dog and cat food. Eat like an athlete if you want to BECOME or STAY an athlete.

Do your homework.
Take advise from people getting the results you desire.

10k pb. 36:07

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10 years vegan next week. Fastest 10k of my life today. That feels good.

Ran it first thing in the morning. Committed to it the night before. Woke up, went to bathroom, drank a glass of water, put on kit, jogged 2k easy with a few strides and then set up the Garmin 310xt and hit it!

I ran the first km as fast as my last km. Ran it solo. Looking forward to doing these sort of runs in a bunch but your gonna struggle to find a bunch of runners that can run this fast! The only thing I have is those big fun runs that are once or twice a year.

Got back home and drank my morning litre and started breakfast. Went out on the bike for 1hr really easy to spin the legs out. Riding around Melbourne and getting familiar with it again. Who needs drugs when you got health and fitness? πŸ˜‰

I was listening to an interview with Mark Sisson yesterday. I found it sad to hear him say how he disliked being a competitive athlete. He said ‘In all those years, I never had fun!’.

I almost fell off my seat when I heard this. I raced my bike yesterday and had a LOT of fun. Yeah there is some pain in there but LOTS of fun. Catching up with mates, trash talking each other, playing chess on bikes, learning more about your body and other peoples etc. Im a BIG believer that when we make something FUN, we automatically take care of motivation. I never have to push myself to be active as I have MASSIVE pleasure attached to being fit AND I know its IMPOSSIBLE to be healthy if you aint really fit. Im not talking EPO fit, Im talking carbed up, hydrated, well slept, training smart ‘fit’.

Mark Sisson said he would eat a half gallon of ice cream and a 6pak of beer a night on average and then go run 30km the next day to ‘burn it off’. I find that sad too. I eat like I do so I can live the quality I enjoy. I eat like I do cos it brings my body the best health, joy and performance. I NEVER eat junk and then go ‘oh I better go train this off!’.

So we have Mark Sisson that bags cardio exercise and carbs cos he got stuck in the viscious cycle of drinking and eating crap and then overtraining to ‘burn it off’. How about a SMART training programme and dietary intake? Who gets fat on fruit? Who gets fat on rice? NOBODY! So why are people avoiding eating high carb, low fat, plant based lifestyles? Thats a fucken good question! Im absolutely clueless! Is it the money perhaps though? Make money off confused fatties. BIG industry that one!

Hey, tell people good things about their bad habits and you got a best seller book!
Tell people they should eat bacon bunless burgers for breakfast and say no to cardio and they will wake up next week like chiseled Gods/Goddess’s. Tell em that eating healthy is about eating all the high fat crap they ate as kids. Greasy animal based dishes served up with bacon, eggs and full fat bovine mammary excretions.

Sell em crap. Sell em protein powders and a whole shelf of supplements.

Tell em good things about their bad habits..pretend like you give a fuck. Yeah, keep on pretending. πŸ˜‰

I get these sort of emails all the time. Here is 2 recent ones. It would be great if Kev, David and the crew got on successful raw/vegan crew instead of doing a fear mongering vids/talks on how bad fruit is and how vegan is extreme. Hey, maybe those guys could try if first! πŸ˜‰ No drugs, no high fat fad diets where carbs are the enemy. I would LOVE to see a fit & health David Wolfe/Kevin Gianni and co. I speak up cos I care. It takes more effort to publicity comment on these guys than be silent about em or talk crap behind their back. Id rather be open and give solutions vs just being a stoned stone thrower with no real solutions.

Email #1
Hello, I just watched your video on David Wolfe. Thank you for speaking truthfully at any cost. It touched me. It was timely. I was getting confused, too much conflicting info about raw food and then Kevin Giannini did the great health debate and I was even worse after that. I started eating meat again, feeling horrible…I really resonated with what you said about following your heart. I am jumping in to fruits and veggies 80/10/10 style tomorrow. If I get stuck or need a you do one on one counseling?

With much gratitude,

Email #2
RE: Gianni’s ‘Great Health Debate’.

I was not impressed and actually wrote to our friend and told him that I felt he was bashing Veganism the same way that DV and DW do!! What’s with all these so called crazy Guru’s anyway? I’ve been vegan for most of my life and my son has been vegan his whole life and we feel GREAT! It has to boil down to one thing-MARKETING!!!!!!!! Has to! Apparently Gianni has never ever been Vegan nor live Vegan and all of this was a marketing scam to convince the people to BUY BUY BUY through Fear Tactics! DW has been a crazy scam artist since the onset and I knew him back in 1998! Thank you for all you do to help bring awareness to the table and helping to open up the eyes of all those who fell for the SCAM!!!!

Lots of love and hugs to you and Freelee β™₯

These are the 3 ones you have to focus on primarily and on a DAILY basis. These 3 are like the foundation for your house. Your chassi in your car. Your frame of your bicycle. The midsole of your shoes.

Whats up with that? They said that my toes would fall off? They said I wouldnt get enough protein? They said that their Grandma said I was crazy? They said that not eating meat pies was ‘UnAustralian’. They said that I would crash and burn..Ive been waiting..10 years on… riding and running the FASTEST of my life. I use a gps watch and power meter to prove it to myself. Doing this helps you build confidence in your diet and lifestyle choices. Its like building a house and then it holds up after an earthquake. You and others can see what is working or what needs improvement.

Anyone can say ‘Oh I feel faster..’ but unless you can give solid data..its doesnt mean much.

Here is my 5k pb from today. I ran it solo.

I train with the best cyclists/runners in Australia. I dont use ANY drugs. No coffee, red bull, ventolin, EPO, cacao, green tea etc. Doesnt make me ‘holier than thou’ but it does give a clear indication of what you can do on a 100% plant fueled diet and 100% clean and still be fitter than 99.999% of the population in your chosen sports.

You can listen to stone throwers that talk a lot of shit but never really say anything.
You can listen to people getting the results you desire.

So be careful and remember that public opinion is the cheapest commodity on earth. Chose with intuition and wisdom. Follow your heart above all.

David Wolfe vs Doug Graham.

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David Wolfe is a flake thesedays that just follows what brings the chicks & the money. He hired a personal body guard in his recent trip in Oz. I was apparently meant to kill DW lol! I mean yeah, in a debate for sure but personally I wouldnt lay a finger on our faux avocado friend. Its DW own fault he is fat, out of shape, has a drug problem and owes people money. He knows what to do if he wants to get his life back together. DW needs to stop doing NLP on his audience for sales and do NLP on himself so he starts eating and living healthy again.

Take off your poncho and you look like just another fat bong smoker that eats animals.

Get your shit together David!

This is Doug Graham. David Wolfe says Doug is insane and is extremely weak. Yeah, looks like Doug is falling apart David. Hey, put down that bong, put down the boiling pot of ayahuascha and pick up a copy of Doug’s book 80/10/10 and actually read it! πŸ˜‰

That’s if the termites dont get it first! Serioulsy though, have a new custom bamboo road frame from coming from Phil Webb.

Really looking forward to it. Will post photos/video when I build it up and take it for a spin. Im currently riding a top shelf Cannondale and that is great but nothing compared to the ride quality you get from bamboo IMHO.

Here is another bamboo bike I had in the past. It got stolen in Malaysia. Its being used Im sure of though!

Im reading Weston A Price’s book at the moment. He mentions wheat and lentils as ‘MUST EAT’ staples. Funny that, cos NONE of the people that quote his book in ‘health scene’ mention that. They talk as if your meant to live off boiled bones and cows tongues. Anyways, here is some interesting info..


1. Abkhasia: Ancients of the Caucasus

Where people are healthier at ninety than most of us are at middle age

2. Vilcabamba: The Valley of Eternal Youth

Where heart disease and dementia do not exist

3. Hunza: A People Who Dance in Their Nineties

Where cancer, diabetes, and asthma are unknown

4. The Centenarians of Okinawa

Where more people live to 100 than anywhere else in the world


David Wolfe has a lawsuit lodged against me in the Supreme Court of San Diego. Im not making this video to write him off, its more of a physiological assessment. Honest. πŸ˜‰