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My thoughts on the high fat, carb phobic, exercise phobic ‘gurus’ out there. Im sick and tired of hearing people become sick and tired by following these ‘protein powder push’n,  tabacco smok’n, bong tok’n,  MDMA drink spiking, eat crackao for breakfast, say no to fruit cos it will make you obese’ snake oil hucksters that just pretend that healthy & fit high carb, low fat raw/vegan crew dont exist.

I had a vasectomy years ago. Here is my thoughts and feeling since.

DW in the Supreme Court of San Diego
VK in the federal court of Hawaii.

Can you feel the essene love?
Are you having the best day ever?

Why? Well I put up a youtube 
footage what was ALREADY on youtube.

Kulvinskas and I were having an FB chat about calories and his
recomendations. He couldnt tell me how many cals was enough for
a grown adult male wishing to obtain/sustain fitness. I made that fb
chat public on our forum 30BaD.

Dont you just love this plastic walmart shamans/essene priests?

They both say fruit is dangerous and ‘Doug is out of balance and so
am I’ Id say suing someone over nothing is a bit ‘out of balance. Id
say VK eating like an anorexic and promoting that as ‘spiritual’ is
out of balance.

Id say DW putting MDMA in girls cacao drinks to ‘open up their
heart chakra’ is a bit out of balance. Id say DW putting a
psychedelic compound in a raw food author’s drink and when their
husband felt it ‘wasnt the best day ever’ that that is out of balance.

Will I shut up and get on my knees for these hucksters? No way.
Will I continue to promote health and fitness with objective
guidelines. Yes siree.
Will I continue to point out the spiritual wu wu BS hucksters? Count
on it!

Ever heard that from someone that has a pet and says ‘you gotta eat meat!’ and when you say ‘so lets eat your dog for dinner then! Its local, happy and has had a good life!’. lol! Some people just dont ‘get it’. 😉

Kurt Harris, just your everyday MD that eats at McDonalds but throws away the 1oz burger bun cos ‘it would make me fat’. LOL!

Read the 4th last paragraph on Kurts ‘McDonalds strategy

Do these guys have anorexia or what? Dont eat a little bit of grains cos it might ‘make you obese overnight!’ and limit your ‘carb intake to 70g of carbs per day (thats 3 bananas). LOL! I mean this way of eating is NOT health focused cos anyone saying that ‘fruit is pure candy from a tree’ and therefore ‘unhealthy’ is in the same boat as the people that say ‘you need to eat fat to lose fat!’.

Reading thru Kurt Harris’s blog unfortunately reminds me of Jeremy Gilitzer who unfortunately passed away last year.

Saying no to apples and even watermelon and then being so hungry that you binge out on fatty, greasy junk and use caffeine to function. You risk heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes by eating this ‘foods’. Sounds like another eating disorder paradigm to me.

What happend to eating real food in REAL amounts and not having to use stimulants, fasting, purging etc to keep your body at a natural and healthy weight? What happend to exercising cos its fun vs having to drag your ass to the gym even when your body is screaming no cos its so glucose exhausted? What happend to listening to your sweet tooth and understanding that sweet fruit is the bodies preferred fuel source vs CONSTANTLY battling with sweet cravings cos your so undercarbed from denying your bodies basic nutritional needs?

I mean maybe Im WRONG! Maybe I dont even know what Im talking about?!

This blog has been making the paleo/primal/low carb crew do back flips in the last week. People writing in. Robb Wofe, Sean Croxton, Kurt Harris etc. I even did a LIVE debate with Richard Nokely who is another primal/paleo king pin. Richard Nokely is possibly the fittest paleo/primal guy out there from what I have seen video wise. He was the ONLY guy that dared to a live debate. Sean Croxton, Mark Sisson and the rest, they must have been hunting wooly mammoths with IPad’s in hand cos they declined all offers to step up to the plate with your’s truly. A live debate for those guys is like Barry Bond ringing up WADA to come down and dope test him. 😉

So what actually is a Paleo or Primal diet? Im confused. From what I have read, seen and been told both Paleo and Primal fad diet followers eat EXACTLY the same as a SAD eater. Fair enough. Both Paleo and Primal guru’s, authors drink beer, eat potatoes, have fried rice, eat animal parts, eat chocolate, enjoy bovine yoghurt, eat fruits and vegetables, organic ice cream, do a BUCKET load of supplements and eat steak and eggs as ‘part of a healthy diet’. I think I owe the entire scene an apology. Ive been barking up the wrong tree. Paleo and Primal crew just eat like the rest of the western population!

So what makes a ‘paleo’ or ‘primal’ person then? I guess it depends on who you buy your protein powders, creatine, b group vitamins, antioxidants from! lol! I mean you can buy the same stuff from the local drug store, from the same factory BUT it doesnt have the sexy name or marketing hype on the side. Its a bit like the bicycle industry. You have a couple of massive bike factories in Taiwan that make MOST of the bike frames out there and then you have gullible consumers saying ‘I ride xyz cos it has more heritage than abc’ but they forget that they come from the same factory! lol!’ So you have people ‘buying’ the paleo/primal identity via monthly supplements fed’ex’d to your door. You can buy T-shirts with redneck slogans on them like ‘if God didnt want us to eat animals, how come he made em out of meat?’ and cook books that have EXACTLY the same ingredients as any SAD cookbook but they are difference cos they have your guru (after a month of intermittent fasting) on the front! lol!

So basically we have a few people that have created an industry out of nothing that tells people good things about their bad habits, sells em LOTS of crap and tells them to ‘intermittently fast’. Fuck, Id need to starve myself to get results if I ate the same ANIMAL BASED foods that are making the western world sick, fat, dumb and out of shape! lol!

Like a medical sales rep I train with says ‘Harley, if those fat fucks are dumb enough to buy my shit, they dont deserve to have money in their hands! I will spend it better than those idiots that believe anything!’.


24hr race, lost in a second.

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Yesterday at 2pm saw me on the start line of another 24hr solo mountain bike race. The format is: whoever can ride their bike up, down and around the 10km forest circuit in 24hrs takes first place. You can sleep as much as you want, but obviously if your goal is to do the most laps, it is a game of how can stay on the bike the longest and be most efficient in doing so. Not everyone goes out there to ‘win’ outright, but if you get to the start line and do your best, thats what really matters. Anyone that finishes a 24hr race is a champion in my eyes. Only 24hr solo riders know what I mean when I say this.

Ive won this exact race twice overall before, once in 2002 and then in 2008. This years race saw ideal conditions. No rain forecast and nice and sunny. My last win in 2008 saw race leader Phil Haugthon get a free ride to hospital with hypothermia as he forgot to put on a rain jacket at 11pm when the storm rolled in and turned the remaining 13hours or racing into more of a battle of rider against mud vs rider against rider. The race actually go harder when my main competition got taken away. It was ironic. So when on the start line, with the sun shining, I was looking forward to another 24hr solo ‘epic’ with ‘sunny conditions’.

3rd lap in, I was happy with my pace and just ticking along. We came up to a rocky drop off and I followed the rider in front who picked a different line that I was used too. All I can remember after that was my front wheel hitting something solid, my testicles getting too close to my stem and the world going upside and then crashing down HARD. Instantly I felt some 9/10 pain in my knee and fought hard to hold back the tears. I looked down and there was no bones sticking out so therefore nothing to really cry about. I grabbed my bike and moved like a half squashed roach off the trail so nobody landed on top of me.

After a few minutes the pain subsided and the shock of the hardest ever crash Ive had on my mountain bike started to dissolve like my eagerness to continue in the race. Then I remembered a quote ‘you cant really appreciate the summit if you dont experience the pit’. So I drank an imaginary glass of HTFU and got back on my bike and started pedalling gingerly. My knee protested instantly but it also took away the pain from other areas of my body. 20mins of easily pedalling had me at my support team. They became more concerned than I was and I knew I had to just ‘have a go’ and REALLY see if this knee pain was going to be a real issue or just a bit of blood and ‘she’ll be right mate!’. I slapped on a leg warmer to keep the sticks and dirt from flicking the open skin. I started to think about animals being trucked across the country to slaughterhouses and the injuries they go thru. They dont have support crew, colour matched legwarmers or facebook to share their problems with. They are on death row. Im on a 10 000$ carbon bike with the option of continuing or not. I have a choice.

A lap later my knee was protesting louder and louder. The sun hadnt even set yet. Would 20 more hours of cycling up and down mountain trails be healthy for my knee? I knew it wouldnt based on pass injury experience. I put my ego in my pocket and ‘pulled the pin’. We packed up and when I woke up today, my knee was more sore than yesterday. GOOD sign that I made the right choice. Ive got races every weekend for a bit now so Im glad that I didnt go too far and miss a few weeks vs just a few days. Pushing too far in the past has taught me how far I can push today. Its a very fine line between being a champ and a chump in regards to doing your body some damage.

What did I learn? Well I learned that the mountains dont give a fuck what sort of bike you ride. They dont care what your vo2max is or how much training you did. The mountains will be there long after we are all gone. They just sit and watch it all go by. I learned that we aint like mountains. We are different. We are not staying the same. We are either getting better or worse. We are growing or we are shrinking and we dont have eternity to get our act together.

Life’s short.
One shot.
No dress rehearsals.
Everyday is the day.
The mountains are waiting to watch you.
Get out there and get amongst it!

Tomorrow is the live debate!!

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FIRST time in internet history we have a REAL debate with 2 people from opposite sides of the health and fitness fence. Its the FIRST TIME EVER! So make sure you tune in. LOTS of people were disappointed with Kevin Gianni’s recent ‘great health debate’. Many called it the ‘great health mass-debate’. (pun intended). In all fairness to Kevin, he was interested in hosting me vs Sean Croxton but then Croxton had a dummy spit and backed out. Sally Fallon and Mark Sisson dont do live debates either. So you have all the trash talkers but when it comes to crunch time, they are too undercarbed to step up to the plate, keep their cool and share what they believe in. Sad. Steve Prussack jumped on ship and Richard Nokely stepped up to the ring. Lets see what he can bring.

Its fat vs fit.
Saturated fat and cholesterol vs high water content, glucose rich fuel.
10 second workouts vs all day and night stamina.
30% body fat vs 5% body fat.
Fatty and greasy vs sweet and juicy.

Here is the debate link.

Its on baby! 🙂

Working in the health & fitness industry for the last 11 years, Ive had the chance to work, train and race with some of the household names in sports. From chit chat training rides with Tour De France winners like Lance Armstrong, Oscar Pererio to having behind life direction changing closed door conversations with world famous coaches that will go ‘unamed’. 😉 Ive worked in big gyms, small gyms and seen a LOT in a pretty small time. Im the guy that pesters people for questions. Im always listening and watching and looking for ways to improve.

Todays blog post is about Robb Wolf. Ive not had the chance to meet Robb Wolf and he probably looks forward to it so he can throw me on the bbq lol! But you know me, I ran fast so I can talk real! Robb sent me an old ‘cut shot’ from a few months back but Im all about using the latest shots that our ‘guru’s didnt get a chance to photo shop, edit or ‘cut up’ for like is all too common in this industry. So I checked Robb’s blog out and APPLAUDE his transparency in regards to his failing health based on his recent blood pathology results. Robb is different to a lot of guru’s that dont make anything public for people like me to throw around. Robb is open about his battle with caffiene addiction and low testosterone, elevate cortisol and insulin resistance and a ‘biosignature of an 80 year old. Women.’

Here is Robb Wolf’s own words.

After the book tour I was about beat to death. Don’t get me wrong, it was an exciting time but between wrapping up the book, doing the PSS, pimping the book, time zone changes and the random gluten exposure while eating on the road…well, I was a mess. My biosignature showed high Cortisol, insulin resistance and the testosterone levels of an 80 year old. Woman.

I was NOT in good shape. I did not at that time do an ASI test which I now regret as I know things have improved dramatically but I’m just not that into reaffirming via diagnostic measures what I know already by observation. I’ll be better about that in the future as solid numbers ARE important for benchmarks. For sure I was not in great shape, about 170 lbs and body comp was around 15% body fat.

I was not digesting of my food very well, energy levels were low and on days when it was cloudy in Chico I got VERY squirrely. Luckily I had 5 weeks ahead of me with no travel so I decided to really get my shit together and do whatever it took to get healthy and strong again. The areas that I focused on supporting were sleep, adrenal function, digestion, and androgen production.

I see these symptoms ALL THE TIME in the low carb, high fat crew that think cos they are young and half fit that they can eat sausage, steak, pig and dead fish for breakfast, lunch and dinner and ‘burn it off’ via stimulant induced exercise or ‘intermitant fasting’ aka binge/purge cycle in bodybuilding. Its sad to see. Ive had 4 guys from my cycling peer group,under age 35, die from heart attack. I too used to have the ‘eat anything as long as you burn it off man!’ mentality. Unfortunately it DOESNT work.

To be faIr Ive put up my blood profile images to show that without supps ( the ONLY supp I take is b12 vs the 50 or so that most paleo/primal people seem to take). How is it that the paleo/primal crew say that you wont get enough DHEA, DHA, b12, protein, carnitine etc BUT they then eat their animal based diet AND take DHEA, DHA, B12, protein, carnitine etc!! How does that work?

I did a video about how much supps and protein powders the paleo/primal crew MUST take in order to follow their deficient diet. Protein powders on a high protein diet? What the fuck? BUT you cant be a vegan cos ‘you wont get enough protein! so eat like a caveman AND by my fancy protein powder with my smiling face on the side fatso!’ Does make any sense but it sure makes lots of dollars! 😉

Robb Wolf complains of fatigue and brain fog. I tell you what Robb, if I ate that low carb, high fat, high protein atkins style diet, Id have brain fog, fatigue and stimulant dependence too! Its not cos your weak or anything, its your low carb diet that is killing you bro!

Im seeing people eating paleo/primal style fad diets losing muscle, gaining LOTS of belly, ass and neck fat, FULL BLOWN DIABETES and even a few heart attacks! Hey, Im all about being borderline obsessed when it comes to health and fitness but lets not fucken die trying! Here is some medical doctors warning the dangers of these Atkins/Primal/Paleo fad diets that get sold to fat people that want to hear good things about their bad habits. You have a handful of athletes that run on stimulants, eat loads of meat, fast before taking ‘cut shots’ and GENUINELY believe they are doing good things but in reality, they are just pawns for the health and fitness snake oil industry that doesnt give a flying fuck about authors like Robb Wolf. Their mindset is ‘If Robb Wolfe carks it from a clogged artery from all that saturated fat, then he was the idiot to believe it and we got a 1000 young punks that will take his place. NEXT!’.

I see it all the time in pro sport. I used to race in Belgium and its ALL about brown nosing the sponsors and risking your health for their fat ass and some quick cash. FUCK THAT! When you got cancer, heart disease or suicidal depression from all the drugs you had to take, starvation etc, what does that leave you with?

So my message to Robb Wolf and the rest of the gang that are SINCERELY interested in helping themselves and others is to read the following books.

# The China Study (no bloggers can debunk the most COMPREHENSIVE study done on human nutrition! lol!)
# 80/10/10 by Doug Graham
# Nutrition & Athletic Performance by Doug Graham
# Dr Barnards programme for reversing diabetes by Dr Neil Barnard
# Prevent and reverse Heart Disease by Dr Esselstyn
# Vegan bodybuilding and fitness by Robert Cheeke. (Robert is stronger than ANY paleo/primal dude I know. Noah Hannibal is the Australian heavyweight bench press champ in 2010. To my knowledge there is ZERO national level athletes in ANY sport. Unless you consider ‘cross fit’ an elite sport. 😉 I think crossfit is great and Im ALL for any fun exercise but lets not pretend that there are long term vegan elite athletes out there when there is ZERO paleo/primal elite athletes out there. Its literally IMPOSSIBLE to be an elite athlete on a low carb diet.