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Sounds like a nice guy. Someone asked me why Dr Weil is mega lean but eats and promotes a high fat paleo/primal style diet? I honestly didnt know who he was and when looking at images, I found this recent one from this year. I dont know about you, but I see man boobs and a big fat blubber gut. Like I said, Im sure Dr Weil is a lovely man, its just that as an ‘authority’ on weight loss & health he is awfully fat and unhealthy.

‘High fat diets keep you lean- Dr Andrew Weil’.

Dr Andrew Weil

Dr Andrew Weil doing his best elephant seal impersonation.

I always look for ways to share helpful info that empowers people.

People wanted me to prove my blood sugar levels are solid just like my athletic performance is day in, day out, drug free.

Enough said. Got a quick interview with Victoria Everett whilst in Seattle recently.


In society the death industry has perpetuated the following dogma and propaganda.

1. That plants have ZERO protein.

2. That plants dont have enough protein.

3. That plants dont contain the 8 essential human amino acids.

Sciences has proven otherwise over and over yet the dogma and propaganda continues.

2 things.

1. Nike have a new vegan hat. Its made out of recycled plastic.  If you cant find one, just buy the standard recycled Nike hat and make your own up at the local embroidery shop.


2. People have asked me for the vid where I owned Daniel Vitalis on a “cows  milk is natural for humans” debate.