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Freelee’s ebook. Set to become the most popular ebook ever sold about raw foods. I dont even need to get into why. So many chicks get fat on fad diets. Freelee is the authority on why.

Freelee: fruit makes you fat? LMAO!

Today I had a mini race with some cross fit low carb paleo crew in Lumpini park. The race was short cos they blew after trying to keep up for 20 seconds. When I was doing my cool down laps, we got chatting. They told me that a vegan diet was totally not cool and just against human physiology. I said ‘really? well back at my pad I have a wad of $ you can have if you tell me just ONE disease EXCLUSIVE to vegan nutters like me?’ They were stumped. Then I said ‘how about we do a 5k TT and winner takes a grand off the loser?’ No takers just head shakers. 😉

Here is a video that is turning the paleo/primal/low carb/wapf/ SAD world on its head in youtube circles.






Often people say ‘what about Nigella Lawson? She eats loads of grass fed animal fat in the form of meat, lard, butter, cream, milk etc and she is a VERY trim lady..’.

Well maybe my high carb diet is recking my eyes but this photo of Nigella Lawson doesnt make her look ‘very trim’. 😉

Im sure Nigella Lawson is a lovely lady. Im merely just pointing out another high fat diet promotor that is FAT despite having MASSIVE pressure and motivation to look great.

I sure hope Nigella Lawson picks up a copy of Skinny Bitch by Rory Freedman, 80/10/10 by Doug Graham and Prevention of Heart Disease by Dr Esselstyn.

'I eat all the fat I want and stay rail thin all year long..'

Are you confused what milk is best to drink for health? Human milk or cows milk? I mean to me it makes SENSE to drink human milk cos after all we are HUMANS. Some people still a little confused with all the dairy dogma and propaganda put out there by the dairy industries lucrative advertising aka brain washing.

Check out this vid. What makes SENSE to you?

Please share these with your friends or anyone thats says ‘I love fruit but it makes you fat right?’. SO MANY naturopaths, snake oil peddlers, low carb steroid using fad diet book authors saying ‘fruit makes you fat ESPECIALLY if your a female’. They just tell you that so you buy their shitty stevia sweetend expensive BS when you get a fruit craving.

Here it is. Took about 4 years to happen. HIGH CARB FRUIT BASED VEGAN. Freelee doesnt exercise. She just moves her body and enjoys beating guys in running races lol! Getting Freelee to exercise never happens cos exercise is for boring people with no life. Get out there and LIVE people!

Diet wise Freelee’s focus is on HIGH calorie fruits like organic dates/bananas and mangoes. She doesnt eat too much melon as Freelee says it doesnt give her the sustained out put of high cal fruits like bananas/dates. Freelee’s ebook is coming out soon.

'cos fruit makes you fat'

We dont have Freelee running marathons cos that would just get her too lean in the long run. We are holding on to her curves by just doing basic fun stuff like 5-21k fun runs. She starts near the back and then just runs thru the pack over the distance with ‘vegan power’ on her shorts and sports bra top lol!

Like I said ‘exercise is for boring people’. We are into moving our bodies and having a lot of fun in the process.