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Well tough in terms of physical and mental fitness. Im sure the award could go to a lady that has endured torture in certain countries but you get my point.

If your a vegan you wont get enough protein the fat rednecks say. 😉

Worlds toughest women is a vegan.

Merry Xmas :)

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Thanks for making my blog worth doing. Thanks for coming here and reading what I share.

We all make mistakes. Some of us learn from em and some of us dont.

Freelee eats more fruit than any female on the planet. This is her body. Fructose makes you fat though? LMFAO! Freelee often eats over 600g of SIMPLE SUGARS per day.

She must work out like a mad women right? WRONG! Freelee does a 5k jog every other day and does a 5k race every month on average. She sits on her ass 10 hours a day on the net.

Can you imagine the video of the women that eats the most eggs or bacon in a day? LMFAO! We all know what she would look like and we wouldnt think it was sexy unless we had a jabba the hut fetish.

Ok, enough of me talking. You came here to see a hot semi naked fruitarian chick.

Thats like a school kid debunking NASA’s rocket programme cos they shot a tennis ball over the roof. The low carb jokers are so desperate, they are willing to get a high carb, low fat eater like Denise Minger to be their mouth piece.


2 well known low carb authors.
1 local Ice Cream Parlour
2 pairs vibrams
Chocolate sauce
Couple of strawberries for ‘healthy’ effect.

PS: Its vital that you wear your vibrams when eating icecream or donuts, otherwise its just not primal remember!

PPS: Refined sugar is primal and thats why Mark Sisson adds it to his Primal Whey Protein powder. Just read the ingredients online sweety.

130$ a kg. Sounds like another fucken gimmick to me. Dont fill up on fruit cos then you wont have any room left in your stomach for the crap I want to make millions on.

Dont eat too much. Snack vs eat. Hey check out my snack food range. Dont eat cooked starches. Eat raw but dont eat more than a few peices of fruit a day cos otherwise you wont want to eat my raw chocolate bars. Dont be an extreme vegan. Relax and buy my colostrum and deer antler products.

Just do what we say and when we have finished the infomercial, dont forget to click pay.

A great entry by Dr McDougall. Here it is.