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Whether you are new to High Carb Raw Vegan Lifestyle or a seasoned Fruit Eater, I believe what all of us are longing for is a community of people who understand, support and encourage our choices.
The Woodstock Fruit Festival was created to bring together Fruit Lovers from all over the Globe in order to share their experiences, dreams, aspirations, knowledge, and energy – all this while having a continuous non-stop fruit party!
  •  Spending 8 days among people who believe that it is perfectly normal and healthy to eat fruit all day long with some lettuce here and there!
  • Swimming in pristine mountain lake waters!
  • Experiencing unprecedented states of health and well being!
  • Downing massive amounts of fruit, experiencing all the fitness activities, socializing, and just having a blast!
  • Insane durian parties!
  • Refining your approach to health through learning from the best experts in the field!
  • Experiencing the amazing low-fat raw vegan cuisine with Arnold Kauffman, Chris Kendal, and Megan Elizabeth!
  • Getting your butt kicked by Dr. Graham fitness classes!
  • Meeting your 30BAD and YouTube friends!
  • Educating yourself on how to finally stick to 100% raw vegan fruit based diet!
  • Meeting and breaking fruit with the most famous and successful of old-timers!
  • Being energized and connected to people leading the world’s most necessary and exciting health and well being movement!
  • Zip Lines! Biking! Canoeing! Dance Parties! Campfire Music!
Bring your kids and loved ones with you!
Don’t wait!
The admission rates are increasing incrementally on the 1st day of each month!
Set up a payment plan before the end of the month for 7 equal monthly payments of $165.71!
Kids 10 and under are free, teenagers 11-15 are ½ adult admission fee!
I’ll see you there!

Looks like a  LOT of deficiencies occur on this fad gimmick diet. Mark Sisson recommends taking around 126 supplements per day!!!

How come Mark Sisson has REFINED sugar in his ‘primal’ protein powder that is full of flavours and whey protein powder? Mark Sisson says not to eat watermelon as it contains sugar but then Mark Sisson adds refined sugar in the form of sucrose and maltodextrin into his primal blue print protein powder lol!

Mark Sisson doesnt have to worry though. Nobody on his low carb programme will be able to notice as when your in ketosis, your as close to a brain dead cave man as you get! 😉

Fruit makes you fat! Eating too much fruit makes you fat!

We know people eat fuck all fruit really in society judging by how fuck all there is in the supermarkets calorie wise. But eating fruit makes you fat right? Fuck yeah! Eating too much fruit makes you fat! A big fat fatso. Like Freelee.

Warning: Contains explicit language.

People ask me about this photo circulating around on the internet. Im sure Sally Fallon is a lovely lady and when your promoting grass fed beef and butter as weight loss and health aids then its logical to say your gonna get the magnifying glass on you now and then.