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Audry Wild is interviewing a whole stack of us fruit crackpots and asking us lots of detailed questions. Tune in.

How to get a sexy toned butt?



Nothing personal against Loren Cordain, this is merely an academic debate. Here is a picture of famous Paleo primal diet book auther Loren Cordain.


Loren Cordain promotes the Paleo Primal low carb diet as ‘optimum for weight loss’. Well if you’re a weight loss author then its only fair people are going to point out that your diet obviously aint work’n. Is that a bit of excess visceral adipose tissue aka belly fat we can see there Loren Cordain? 😉



Anyways, enough pointing out the obvious, here is an excellent video which highlights the inherent flaws in Loren Cordain’s nutritional ‘theories’.

Acne treatment that work for me..


Im lazy so just watch this vid. 😉


Hooters hot body work out?

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Hooters hot body work out?