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Why the paleo primal low carb diet is the BEST way to Advance Glycation End-Product toxemia.

Advanced Glycation End Product content in various foods.

I even did a video about it to share with your paleo primal low carb dogmatic friends that like to believe ‘A diet based on bacon and eggs will make me slim and healthy!

Look at the crap they are selling since 2009. I thought it was a prank at first but obviously not.

What do you think about it? Share your thoughts in the video comments on Matt’s youtube vids.

Sexy Hot Body Tips FOR LIFE with Fruitarian Vegan Freelee….

Weston A Price died of heart attack at age 58? RIP Weston A Price. Stephen Byrnes was the leader of the Weston A Price foundation and sadly passed away from stroke at the young age of 42 only a few years ago. Sally Fallon took his spot. Im sure Sally Fallon is a lovely person but all that saturated fat has really bulked Sally Fallon up and she is indeed increasing her risk of cardiovascular disease.

Here is a funny video I found on youtube today.

Weston A Price faleo diet

Fresh out of triple by-pass surgery Bazza Barnes shares his tips on how cholesterol increases brain mass.