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Why are 99% of the longterm paleo primal promoters fat or obese? Why does Robb Wolf continue to pretend that fat makes you lean and carbs make you fat? Why are 100% of the longterm high carb low fat vegan promoters trim REGARDLESS of fitness levels?

Here is an interesting video. Offensive. Offensively honest.

Jimmy Moore put up his body fat levels after 2 months in ketosis aka calorie restriction starvation.

Jimmy Moore low carb

Doing steroids? DOESNT WORK!
Doing heavy weights? DOESNT WORK!
Training with the best power coaches on earth? DOESNT WORK!

Just watch a few youtube videos of those guys that claim all they do is ‘eat big macs + chin ups and dips’ and you will have better muscle growth than olympic sprinters that train FULL TIME ON STEROIDS!