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Advanced Glycation End Products and where are they found the most?

I know a lot of low carb paleo primal big mac eaters want to believe the organic fruits and vegetables are toxic but…lets stick with science vs personal bias please. 🙂

David Wolfe claims he is a professor on his ‘fruit tree planting foundation website.

Matt Monarch & Angela Stokes Monarch claim they are 100% raw food vegans yet sell meat and dairy on their raw food website lol!

Gabriel Cousens, depending on what moon cycle it is, will say fruit is good or bad. He allegedly killed a patient at the Tree of Life in Arizona though after giving the patient a shot of bovine adrenaline/sheep DNA with the goal of ‘making the patient feel better’. He settled out of court and it was printed in Arizona newspapers at the time.

But remember folks! Basing a diet on fresh organic fruits and vegetables is DANGEROUS!!


These 19 year old twins have been raised on just breast milk and plant foods. They follow a high carb vegan lifestyle. They also can sing!

Normally when I hear the word vegan and singer its someone like Alanis Morrissette going vegan to lose all the weight.


THANKS for all your support! 🙂

Been using them for a few months now. GREAT product and something that has really enhanced our on bike communication. Im not into getting every gadget on the market but the Cardo sure is on of those gadgets that you don’t know how you rode without. Bit like a power meter. 😉

Sure you might not ride with a regular partner like I do but it also is handy if you use your phone a lot and want a hands free when training. We don’t even own phones just in case you were wondering.

Facebook Trolls & How Do I Deal With Them?

Above all, have fun, educate and avoid taking anything personally. 🙂

Matt Monarch From The Raw Food World a snake oil scammer? People ask me why on earth he claims to be peaceful and loving yet he sells such animal cruelty products like colostrum and deer antler. Colostrum industry means they STOLE the baby calf from its mother right at birth. Most likely sent to the veal industry.

Deer Antler extract comes from chopping off the beautiful horns of deer. Quite a painful and cruel experience for these animals.

Matt Monarch's shop of cruelty.

Here is a video detailing more about the cruel deer antler industry. Matt Monarch is a self proclaimed ‘multi millionaire’ from selling his bogus non FDA ‘health tonics’.

Will take you 30 seconds to sign this petition if you want my old channel back up.

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As requested I have started up new channels that are niche focused so my viewers get only the topics they are interested in.

My MAIN channel where I pretty much put up all my vids.

1. SkinnyOnRaw – A channel dedicated to the raw foods lifestyle.

2. CarbTheFcukUp – A channel dedicated to all things related to the diet/weight loss industry.

3. AskDurianrider – A channel where I answer your questions about social life, relationships, family, work, lifestyle etc.

4. ThinMuscleWorkout – A channel where I answer questions on how to get lean/gain muscle mass.

5. CTFUcycling – A channel dedicated to cycling tips.

6. CTFUrunning – A channel dedicated to running tips.

Thanks for your ongoing support over the last 5 years. Your video requests literally get me out of bed at sunrise each morning to make more vids/answer your questions.

Cycling Tips for staying lean yet fast? What is the best food to eat when on the bike?