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Love or hate David Wolfe, he truly knows how to spin bullshit like nobody else and turn it into $. MEGA $!

Giant TCR Advanced Review and test ride.

Vince Del Monte Debunked. Over and over. Vince Del Monte uses Lierre Keith as the case against vegan or vegetarians..

Vinnie Tortorich America’s Angriest Trainer? How About America’s DUMBEST trainer?

Seriously, what was Vinnie Tortorich thinking during this interview? At one point he says I will get fat. Then he contradicts himself by saying I will never get fat because ‘its just genetic he is so lean’. Well Vinnie Tortorich, how do you explain my mother who is clinically obese? I guess I must be adopted and my Mum never told me right? 😉


Here is the video here. Sit back, grab some carbs and enjoy the show. 🙂