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Being Vegan will help you to pick up a Woman

By Robert King from

I have been a professional dating and pick up coach, full time, since 2008. Travelling the world and teaching thousands of men and some women how to improve their love lives. Through years of research and experimentation I found that being vegan, without doubt, is the best lifestyle to help someone become more attractive and improve their love life. I have been vegan for the past four years and these are the top ways in which being vegan can help a man to pick up a woman.

How you feel she will feel

Most guys walk around in an unhealthy daze. When someone feels unhealthy they will feel unhappy. If you eat poorly then you will feel poorly. I’ve done years of research searching for the optimum diet and being vegan with the emphasis on raw living foods was the runaway winner. A study at the University of California, Los Angeles showed that ninety three percent of communication is via sub communication. A person’s sub communication is everything but the words that they are saying, body language, energy, eye contact, things like this. A person who eats a vegan diet, will be taking more life into their body, this will give the person better energy. Women really notice a person’s energy, they feel that this is a man who is happy, and so she feels happy talking to him.

To be successful with women it is important to cultivate positive emotions. Eating vegan makes the person feel good so they start to feel more positive emotions naturally. Fear, depression, sadness, jealousy, guilt, these are all emotions that need to be released. When this is done the person should replace them with happy, excited, fun and sexual type of emotions. When a person’s body’s biological and emotional needs are being met their default state is one of happiness. These positive emotions will come naturally and by eating a vegan diet helps with this.

Confidence is King

When I was researching which diet would be best for me I couldn’t help but notice how bright eyed and confident all the vegan / raw vegan people were. Confidence is a natural default state that we all have when things are in alignment. The Dalai Lama said “Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.”
I’ve met many meat eating, body builders with big muscles. Yet they have no confidence what so ever. From a woman’s perspective they could be nice to look at, but soon as they open their mouth the attraction is gone. Remember that Confidence is King and that this is something that can be learnt. There is nothing that is more attractive to a woman than confidence.
When the body is receiving the food that it needs you will feel more confident. Through detox and eating raw vegan foods a person can heal their adrenal glands and nervous system. By doing this you will become less nervous and have less anxiety. The adrenal glands when overworked and over stimulated from eating meat become sensitive. This results in even the smallest perceived threat, like

a social occasion or a date creating anxiety in the person. When eat living raw foods, the adrenals detox and become less sensitive, resulting in that person not getting anxiety anymore.
There is confidence and bravado, women love confidence but are repelled by bravado. Confidence is a quiet self-assured belief in oneself. It is not a needing to always be in control or the centre of attention. A man with real confidence doesn’t need those things; he can be confident and self- accepting in most situations without them.

Confidence primarily involves a person’s beliefs which can be improved using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and also by removing fear from within.

Meat is slaughtered and so contains high levels of adrenaline which when eating, a person takes into their body. The adrenaline will create fear and a passive aggressiveness in the body, these are unattractive to women. By eliminating meat from the diet the person will stop ingesting adrenaline, hormones and antibiotics which are all found within meat. The adrenaline is from the slaughter process, the hormones are from the steroids that are given to the animals and the antibiotics are used because animals get sick in their poor living conditions. By not eating meat you eliminate all of these substances which will always lead to better health and confidence.

Being Healthy is Attractive

The aesthetic benefits from the vegan lifestyle are huge. By eating vegan with a lot of raw foods, your looks can increase dramatically, weight loss, clean skin, shiny skin, white bright eyes. It is also possible to do vegan bodybuilding and put on an attractive amount of muscle. Let me assure you, women don’t like the “steroid look”. They like a healthy amount of muscle, enough for her to feel protected. By working out and eating lots of leafy greens, lentils, beans, soya, peas and broccoli it is easy to get a high amount of protein in your diet (80 – 120g) per day is more than enough to put on muscle mass as a vegan.

As far as women go I’ve dated a couple of commercial models and they all ate without exception, lots of fruit and salads! One of them was a vegan and the one that wasn’t she still ate a high raw food diet. Models know that they have to stay young looking and healthy or they will lose their modelling contracts. They might promote these face cream and beauty products in the media but I assure you, their looks are because they are eating a high raw food diet. Being vegan is also the easiest way to keep your body fat percentage down without much sacrifice, this is crucial for any model.

I really recommend a vegan diet, if you are on the fence about it then I just say, give it a try! There are also many other benefits to being vegan which I haven’t even included in this blog. Become confident and healthy through a vegan lifestyle and attract other confident and healthy people into your life.

Peace n Love, Robert King

1. They think sweet fruit is the enemy!
“Dont eat fruit! It will make you fat! It will give you diabeties! It will rot your teeth! It will make you insane!” All of which are total rubbish. We run the most popular raw foods website and have never seen a single case of tooth decay, diabeties, insanity or severe body blubber from fruit eating. Yes we have seen people shooting up meth/being bulimic/anorexic whilst being a ‘fruitarian’ and loosing their teeth, we have seen people eating high fat raw diets and getting diabetic symptoms, we have seen people get depression from just trying to eat 10 oranges a day. Sweet fruit is the ultimate food for humans. Fruit is your friend. Every cell in the human body runs on glucose and or fructose. To starve the cells of natural glucose/fructose from sweet fruit is a health crime.

2. They think they need to ‘calorie restrict’
“Don’t eat more than a handful of food at a meal! Eat light! Remember that humans are designed to be breatharians!!” Well, I’ve met a few breatharians in my world travels and I’ve not met more confused people. A mosquito has a very small stomach but watch how much it expands after meal. Adult male orangutans weigh around 90kg and eat up to 8500 calories a day. Calorie restriction does not work in nature as the animal that eats the least gets eaten first as it doesnt have enough energy to mate, forage or avoid being hunted. One raw food lady in Australia committed suicide 2 years ago after trying to calorie restrict her way to ‘health’. I’ve had friends end up in mental wards. I’ve seen models just lose it big time from calorie restriction and end up becoming severely overweight. We need a lot of sweet fruit calories every day. Sweet fruit is the best caloric source for humans. NOBODY gets overweight from eating copious amounts of sweet fruit, EVER!

3. They think they can fast their way to health
So many people under eat on sweet fruits and then go and load up on greasy, oily, salty high fat versions of low fat cooked carb foods and wonder they they feel sick. They get told they need to fast/cleanse to aid the ‘detox’ when actually its a case of ‘tox’ from too much fat, dehydrated foods, lack of carbs and or too much salt. If you want to cleanse/fast, try living the 80/10/10 lifestyle for a few months and then see how you much you want to fast then! You simply wont as its such a clean way to live/eat.

4. They think they don’t need to drink water?
Water comes from pipes and plastic and that isn’t natural so I’m not going to drink water and just dehydrate myself instead.. Well my ex housemate had the same belief and drank little water as a result. She got sick after eating raw animal products and did a fast and stopped drinking water. She ended up in hospital and died from renal failure. Drink at least 3 litres of water per day. More if you wear lots of clothing, live in a dry environment, eat salt and or are overweight as fat holds little water compared to muscle. Your body will love you for it and you’ll have better digestion, mental clarity, skin and physical performance.
Drink 1 litre upon rising and 1 litre 30 mins before meals.

5. They think they need to sleep less as a raw foodist
Well ‘Dr. such and such’ says they only sleep 3 hours per night because they eat raw… Hey! Do you want to end up in a mental ward like my friend that tried to do that? The body needs tons of sleep per night! We evolved in the equatorial regions where there is 12 hours of dark a night. If you can’t sleep properly its most likely you are under consuming carbohydrates and now your body cant produce enough serotonin so your sleep gets effected. Eat over 3000 calories a day from a carb rich, low fat raw vegan diet and watch your sleep quality improve out of site. Have a big breakfast and lunch and a lighter dinner and go to bed early.

6. They think they are ‘emotional eaters’
Hey! You ever seen a spider emotionally eat? Look at cows and horses in nature, they eat all day! When humans are starved of simple sugars from fruit, they will keep eating and eating until they get simple sugars. We can just sit down and eat a meal of mangoes or make a big banana/date smoothie or we can just fight our ‘sweet tooth’ and then get real emotional and ‘emotionally eat’ on candy, burgers, fries etc. So how to we end emotional eating? Eat sufficient calories from sweet fruit daily. Its that simple. Eat over 3000 calories a day from sweet fruits and you will never emotionally eat again in your life. Note that those who don’t believe this fact struggle all their life to control their eating habits. Starve, binge, starve, binge, starve..

7. They think calories don’t matter
Ok, if calories don’t matter then why eat anything with calories at all? We don’t go to the service station and not look how much gas we put in the tank – so why do we ignorantly eat and expect to go the distance when we have no real objective idea how much fuel we are putting in the tank? I’ve never met a successful elite athlete that didn’t know how many calories they needed and what that looked like in carbs per day. I’ve never met a successful raw foodist that didn’t know how many calories they needed each day and what that looks like in sweet fruit carbs per day. We teach our clients and forum members to learn calories from fruits. Not so they avoid getting too much but so they get enough! You gotta eat a lot of volume to get enough fruit. That’s great because I like eating lots of sweets for breakfast, lunch and dinner! 🙂

8. They think they don’t have to exercise
Most of the time raw foodists cant exercise because they are so fatigued from their calorie restriction, low carb and high fat raw diets. I don’t blame them, NOBODY is fit and active on a high fat diet. When we carb up for a few days, drink enough water and get enough sleep we will automatically be itching to live with more passion and a life of passion means a lot of physical movement be it dancing, sport, active labor, sex and or keeping up with our children.
9. They think they need to take drugs to become enlightened
The amount of chronic drug abuse I see in the raw ‘health’ movement is staggering. Bongs, magic mushrooms, ayahuasca, peyote, san pedro’s cactus, LSD, cacao etc. Call it natural but at the end of the day they are still drugs and as a result has a negative impact on our health. I myself used a lot drugs so I can speak from both sides of the fence: clean vs drugged. Clean wins hands down. The truly natural highs one experiences from keeping their blood clean, body lean and mind sharp from following a high fruit, low fat raw vegan lifestyle with plenty of sleep, water, sun and fun make drugs look like a poor choice. I’ve seen many raw food friends develop negative personality traits from using these ‘healthy & natural’ drugs. Its interesting to note that the promoters of low fruit diets also are the biggest promoters of the ‘raw drugs’ and the reason is that people are so fatigued and depressed from eating low carb diets that they need some stimulants and drugs to escape the low energy reality that low carb diets provide.

10. Raw foodists think they need animal products for health
It’s no surprise that the majority of the people that promote a low fruit diet eventually go back to eating animal products in due time. Why? They simply ate such a low calorie diet that they failed to thrive and thought it was lack of protein or B12 or something. I like to ask people ‘how many grams of protein did you get as a raw vegan?’ They never know. Then I ask them ‘how many grams of protein do you get today?’ They never know. They fail to ask the raw vegan athletes what they are doing to succeed so well. They fail to learn basic human & nutritional sciences. Then they fail as a raw foodie and become outspoken about raw foods/vegan diets etc.
With b12 Ive never seen anyone raise their serum b12 and lower their homocysteine and urinary MMA from consuming raw or cooked animal products. I have seen many get food poisoning and end up in hospital as a result. We see that 39% of US citizens have low serum b12 levels.
Science shows us that absorption, high stress, gastric issues and high fat diets can all create b12 deficiencies. Most people dont even know what their b12/homocysteine/urinary MMA levels were before they went raw vegan and then when they get tested and have some issues they are quick to jump to conclusion it was from being a ‘vegan’. I’ve trained with the fastest cyclists on earth including riders like Lance Armstrong and Cadel Evans and they ALL do b12 injections on a regular basis, as do a lot of Hollywood stars, as do I. My blood tests always show up healthy results as I do the right things for my health and avoid the pitfalls that unfortunately are all too common in the raw foods movement today.
Thanks for reading and remember, true friends tell you what you need to hear and business people tell you what you want to hear..
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Vegan Specific Dietary Deficiencies EXCLUSIVE to Vegans. A number of vegans died this week from protein deficiency. They ran marathons during the day and died in their sleep after their brain tissue consumed their heart muscle for fuel.