About Durianrider

I went from sedentary and sick to super lean and fit. Ive over 71 million views on my main youtube channel and am dedicated daily to getting the health, fitness and weight loss message out there to the masses. My life story is featured in my Carb The Fuck Up! ebook.

  1. Robert Cohen says:

    Hello, Durian Rider!

    Pam Boteler just sent me a link to your blog, and I am in love!
    With your blog too, by the way!

    I hope to meet you in the Hudson River, awaiting the starter’s
    gun for the 2011 New York City Triathlon on August 7th. I’ll
    be the guy who just ate 6 bananas and downed a litre of
    fresh celery juice (thanls to Doug Graham’s advicre)…and I’ll
    be the 60-year-old raw food vegan athlete with the six-pack abs.

    If you cannot make that race, perhaps you’ll join me in my first
    70.3 on October 2nd.

    I love your work!!!

    Best regards,

    Robert Cohen

  2. cath says:

    Hello Harley,
    do you have any names for health practitioners in Adelaide who are receptive to the raw food life style? I would like to get my bloods tested etc.
    Hope this post finds you and you may be able to help.

  3. PETER TENHAVE says:

    Hi Harley ~ just watched your video blog regarding Vegan, and the way in which many are seemingly confronted by this term, and even others – fiercly defending mediocrity, to seemingly appeal to the multitudes,

    I greatly enjoyed your article, and you are indeed living proof ~ of health, passion and ~ improvement… and as you continue to excel in all of these areas, while others may exhaust ALL avenues, in their feeble attempts … to JUSTIFY stupidity…

  4. claire warnock says:

    hi just hoping to let others know that today on MSN website a Brazilian Lady just beat world record for longetivity 19th May 2011. Guess what she eats every day? fruit and carbs….. judge by results

  5. Louisa Velazquez says:

    Thank you Durian Rider for pulling me out of Imbecile/Confusion Territory! You and Dr. Graham make perfect, perfect sense! I learned about you through Alison Andrews-Loving It Raw website. All of you guys rock! You and Freelee look gorgeous!! I’m into my second year of practicing CrossFit as my methond of fitness. Love the workouts but have not subscribed to their ‘Zone’ and ‘Paleo’ promotions. They just don’t feel right, I discovered Green Smoothie world last Nov/2010 but since discovering you guys and the whole Raw Vegan World wow! I have enormously increased my fruit consumption, and because of it have enjoyed my CrossFit workouts too! I’ve also been shrinking as well since I’ve massively decreased my oil intake. Still in the experimenting stage but am becoming increasingly encouraged by the “baby steps” results. Love your Lance Armstrong videos! They encouraged me to get back to my bicycle commuting. Keep up the PHENOMENAL work….so makes sense! No wonder we’re all going to be raw vegans in Jehovah God’s new world.

  6. Robert Cohen says:

    I have good news and bad news for Louisa Velazquez.
    Louisa wrote:

    “No wonder we’re all going to be raw vegans in Jehovah God’s new world.”

    The bad news is that Jehovah (or so the rumor goes) eats meat
    ard still accepts burnt offerings.

    The good news is that his kid was an Essene (according to those
    Dead Sea Scrolls discovered in 1948). Essenes were vegan, but
    that kinda makes sense. Since they had no refrigerators during
    biblical times, where would they have kept the leftover chopped liver
    and gefilte fish?

  7. Louisa Velazquez says:

    LOL! All’s Good ; )

  8. Alastair Leith says:

    Hi Harley,

    We met at you last two Melbourne talk nights. I was riding home last week when you rode by, remember. Can’t find a way to send you an email through this site, maybe you were talking about 30bad.

    Thanks for the talks and good luck for you all tonight in Sydney.


  9. Anonymous says:

    Had a really really horrible experience with a Naturopath in Singapore (Balanced Living). Would be good to have you investigate them. You’ll find that Dana Heather is trying to follow in David Wolf’s footsteps in Singapore and is pushing lots of supplements to her Clients but not to the benefit of the Client’s but to the benefit of her bank account.

  10. Chris Califano says:

    Harley I just found your blog. Your lifestyle and mission are the ultimate 21st C expression of truth. I am both impressed and endeared. If ever there was a role model for peace and harmony without all the woo woo spiritual bullshit, you are it.

  11. Tina says:

    Wow what an inspiration. I have only recently discovered this way of life. Been very unwell for 6 years and severely overweight somewhat due to prednisone I have to take for polymyalgia. I am only 37 and have been desperate to find a way to reverse my rapidly aging and unwell body. By goggling I accidentally became drawn to raw food and a high fruit based diet. I am going to document every milestone I achieve living this way and am going to be a living example of proof that this is how every human being should eat. Thank you for being such a wonderful role model and providing me with information on this subject… Sincerely Tina x

  12. Jennifer says:

    Dear Durianrider,

    You rock!!!

    I’m so glad you have the balls to stand up to those jewish antichrist liars, Gabriel Cousins and Andrew Weil, and tell the truth. You are a picture of health and blessing!

    You look like and act like a true Israelite. You are following the diet of Daniel and the three (true) Hebrews, Meshach, Shadrach, and Abednego, when our forefathers were in Babylon of old and refused to eat the Standard Babylonian Diet set before them. Check it out–Daniel Chapter 1. They ate fruits and vegetables only, and they increased and prospered in wisdom in the midst of Babylon.

    Now that Babylon is once again in power, you are taking it to the “man.” Good job!!! Keep up the good work, along with Freelee.

    Thank you for the inspiration!


  13. Götz HEINE says:

    Servus Harley,
    ran into your thread on CN
    and here’s my brief question:
    Why did they banned you?
    Thanks, mate.

  14. Andie says:

    Hello Harley!
    Just wanted to thank you, and Freelee for changing my life completely. Long story short, I haven’t been diagnosed with an eating disorder (in terms of BMI I’ve always stayed in the healthy range, add to that no one knows about my eating habbits) , but I am clever enough to now realise my eating has been sort of.. ‘disordered’ I guess I should say. I’m 17, and ever since the age of 14 I’ve been trying to loose weight. I used to hate the way I look, and I’ll be honest, I still do. I believe it will take a long time to change. Recently, I stumbled upon your videos on youtube and it has given me hope. So right now, I’m following a highly vegan diet. Might sound sort of silly, but basically I’ll be trying to eat vegan as much as I can, but for many reasons, I’m not telling anyone I’m vegan, so sometimes I might have to ‘forced’ to eat animals products. I guess it’s sort of easier since right now I’m not in charge of my own food, my mom would have my head on a stick since we can’t spend money on my ‘picky eating’ and so on, but I guess it would also make me feel less guilty if I ‘mess up’, and at the same time I’ll be slowly easing into this lifestyle. Because once I can earn and buy my own food, I plan to go completely vegan. Not raw though, sorry but I just love some of the cooked food 🙂 I started this wanting to loose weight, and now after watching a lot of the videos (Linkin Park- best choice of music ever!) I care so much about the animals too! And I hope this helps me to find the healthier path because the way I’ve been eating up until now just drains me so much emotionally and physically, not adding to that the fact that I wasn’t even loosing weight! So yeah, “highly vegan diet” (laugh if you want) secretly for now, until I can be in charge of my own food finally. So a BIG thank you to you, because you’ve been amazingly inspirational! It’s silly, but only after a week I already feel so much better, even though I had to eat some animal products 😦 Take care, and keep updating and inspiring others!
    Best regards,
    Andie 🙂

  15. Fireweed says:

    Durian, have you read this awesome critique of Liere Keith?!! It’s brilliant! Jensen responded to it, as Keith ‘declined’, and then John Sanbonmatsu pulled the rug out from under Jensen! I feel like this is the best critique yet out there! Check out John’s original article here: http://www.zcommunications.org/blood-and-soil-lierre-keith-michael-pollan-and-the-trouble-with-locavore-politics-by-john-sanbonmatsu

  16. “It can be pretty hard to get enough fruit cals in Spain”

    Not true, amigo, not true at all. Have you ever been here?, best country in Europe for fruit. Come sometime and see it for yourself.

    Have a great day, Fernando.

  17. butcher says:

    HI D,

    Love your work mate, though am not a vegan myself (actually am a butcher by trade), i do agree with your view’s with regards to a high carb diet. I currently train with high intensity weight training just twice a week, unfortunately right now in HIT circles, this paleo diet bullshit is in vogue, mainly because guys like Dr Doug Mcguff at body by science and “business men” like Robb Wolf, Mark Sission and Art De Vany.
    (Ive nothing against American’s, but have you noticed that all these guy’s hale from America, it being the best platform to sell a “weight loss/Health” product!)

    Its good to see someone make a case against these people, i have spoke out about these people on HIT forums many times and have been ridiculed for it, Ive left numerous comments on the Body By Science website, to which none of my posts have been shown. These people don’t want to answer question’s that they cant answer, its not good for business.

    Keep up the good work mate

  18. David Fitt says:

    Just discovered your blog and am interested to know what the software is in the screenshots of the cocaine bar post. Just a quick read made me realise why I can’t seem to shift weight easily. I will be following you from now on !!


  19. Anonymous says:

    Look forward to running into you in the hills (Adelaide)..

  20. cheytan says:

    Hey, love the message, both you and frelea are great! you guys are great at exposing the dangers of popular diets I wanted to let you guys know about a diet I am concerned about, I myself and a few other girls I know have almost died of malnutrition being on it it, is called the Body Ecology Diet and it is so popular it is even being promoted as a diet for autistic children,it is so low calorie and low carb,”talk about crazy”.The scary part about the diet is it is not promoted as a weightloss program it is a diet for rebuilding your digestion and immune system at best a days worth of calories on this diet is 1500 “at best” if your eating every hour.the author touches on the subject of fat intolerance and god forbid if you are because your plate has to be 80% green veggies and 20%starch or fish
    not both, and you can only eat until your 80%full so if you can’t tolerate fat “your dead”please do a video and expose this one .Thanks.ps this diet is the one Kevin Gianni promotes.

  21. David says:

    Hi! I just want to say I love your work and all your videos. On the topic of scammers, I have one that might interest you. Did you see the article about Brian Clement who apparently has a fake PhD from a diploma mill that serves as a crack house? It’s from Natural News so not too reliable but something you could look into….


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