Durianrider Ebooks

My first book is a lifestyle ebook called Carb The Fuck Up! Its not just another ebook, its ALL my best tips I can give on you relationships, youtube income, weight loss, building a lean body for life etc. Its the closes thing to having me by your side 24/7. Its very easy to read, unpolished and straight up.

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My second ebook is a cycling weight loss tips ebook called Durianriders Lean Body Bible. Cycling is the physical reason Freelee & myself stay in such great shape year round. EVERYBODY needs to do exercise but not everyone knows what to do or how to do it! We show you how and why!

This is the LAST training manual you will ever need if your goal is a fitter and trimmer body. BE and STAY in your best shape ever. It is written in easy to understand text and is in instant download ebook format so you can get reading straight away.

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No more burpees.
No more stinky fart and detox bikram stuffy stuff rooms.
No more stress fractures from running.
No more boot camp overuse injuries.
No more crossfit membership rubbish.
No more counting grapes and trashing your metabolism from starving.
Learn how to eat and train right. Learn what took me over 350000km of cycling to learn. Learn all of what I know in just a few hours of reading.

Table of contents.
Chapter 1 What is the best bike for you? (constantly updated with the latest models that I recommend.)
Chapter 2 Cycling shoes are only for pro riders?
Chapter 3 Gears – Grind or spin?
Chapter 4 Power meters? Scam or pure gold?
Chapter 5 Tires,wheels & $10000 worth of money saving tips!
Chapter 6 Eating for stamina and maximum weight loss
Chapter 7 Climbing mentality
Chapter 8 Sleeping habits
Chapter 9 What can we learn from dopers
Chapter 10 Durianrider’s training plan for beginners
Chapter 11 Second wind explained.
Chapter 12 Bicycle Security
Chapter 13 Bunch Riding Skills
Chapter 14 Touring Tips For Weight Loss
Chapter 15 FAQ + Extra weight loss tips for you and your bicycle.

  1. Ramin says:

    I live in Costa Mesa, Ca where the Longevity Conference is taking place next month. I was thinking of sacking the parking lot , and halls of the Hilton with fliers of truth exposing DW. I like your videos and I respect that you are a straight shooter exposing fraud. I think you would be much more effective though if you would refrain from criticizing their unhealthy appearance with personal attacks and stick with the snake oil end of it and how they use language and trickery to manipulate people. What I don’t like is how expensive these superfood are, this is out of economic reach for most people. I like the simple solution you advocate, ( I also like Dan Macdonald’s approach too ) eating simple foods, good job. I think I would a lot more effective exposing the plagiarism and fraud to the raw food community. Should I do it? will you help me? a simple 8 by 10 flier would be very effective.

  2. bobby011 says:

    i am a proud south aussie and prouder that you are too. i got hooked onto raw vegan by watching Dan the life regenerator.. then found you. Both of you are totally awesome and i hope to bump into ya sometime to chew your ear on a few things.
    take care and keep knocking over the haters!

  3. MrWeetabix says:

    Hey, just discover your blog!

    I’m an 18 year old guy from London, and a vegan.

    I am getting really fed up with all this paleo crap on the internet and how people are saying it’s changed there lives! No it isn’t, it’s just them looking for any excuse to stuff their faces with flesh!and it’s kind of annoying when they try to degrade veganism….I will not say vegetarian, as I don’t believe in such if you know what I mean.

    Well, the main point I want to make is that I’m also anorexic ( weird for a guy huh?) and I need your helpp if you can…you seem like you know what you doing. I on the other hand don’t.

    I’m 46.3kg and 180cam tall, I source all my intake from carbohydrates, e.g. wheat and oats, while equating to somewhere around 1,000kcal. Anyway could you email me to help me out..I know tis may be random! but who cares

  4. durianrider says:

    Up it to 5000cals a day and start getting early nights, drinking a litre of water first thing in the morning and TRAINING in your fav sport with people that are better than you. Right now your just giving people a bad example of a vegan lifestyle. Your anorexic, undermuscled, dehydrated, out of shape and are giving the paleo/primal crew PLENTY of example of ‘why vegan diet is bad for you! Look at Sam here!’

    Lifes short. One shot. Make it count. Be fit for it.

  5. MrWeetabix says:

    I know what you mean, I think about setting a bad reputation for vegans all the time, but regardless who cares what carnivores think anyway? they’re deluded anyway and you cannot get any lower than that, in terms of diet/lifestyle.

    I have been eating plenty of oats, rye, wheat berries all natural, chickpeas too.

    But how can yo fit 3,000kcal in? It just seems impossible at the moment, even when I stuff.

    BTW, I drink about 4-5 litres a day so that ain’t an issue lol.

    Thought you might want to look at this ridiculous cult of paleo followers, and there’s even a U.K doctor recommending it! http://www.drbriffa.com

  6. Mike says:

    Yes, i say do it. They need exposed. They promote an unrealistic lifestyle filled with crazy superfoods so they can feel like they are helping when really they are just getting rich.

  7. claire warnock says:

    hi trying to get a message to durianrider. today thursday 18th april? saw the newest world record holder for longetivity 114 years old (on MSN news website). and guess what she ate? carbs she started her day with fruit and bread roll. I am from perth but havnt joined 30bananasa day site yet. I am not computer savvy and cant figure out how to put my photo onto my computer. anyhoo I hope this message gets to someone. cant wait for bananas to come down in price again but feel like shitola if I eat anything else. later …

  8. elisheva says:

    Peace! I love your spirit brother! Will you be coming to the DC area anytime soon?
    I’d love to hear you talk in person, and sure many others would too…maybe we can set up an event.
    ..thanks for the info and inspiration!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Hi DurianRIder …. Really refreshing to watch your teachings/ experiences, made me laugh and inspired. IS this your full time job ? do you do everything for Free/donation ? I believe its totally the way forward.

  10. Cheytan says:

    Hey I am new to your site I saw you on the raw life show, your funny! and right! carbs are the best,but don’t you ever want a plate of no fat added pasta?

  11. cheytan says:

    Hey question,I have pre diabetes love Dr.Bernards book, thanks for the vagan info I have been looking in to stuff and found out about this RBTI thing do you have any thoughts on that and this Matt stone guy? I am considering it, if it can be done vega style.

  12. Nan says:

    Thanks so much Durianrider for all the good advice. Early nights, fruits, exercise, etc. You don’t have children but you make us feel so happy and blessed to have you provide such good advice. You really have opened my eyes to a lot of things. I was one of those people who were tricked into being scared to eat fruit.
    My question is dried fruit ok. Such as raisins, dried bananas?

  13. junglegirl says:

    I LOVED geeking out on your excellent post on wild fruits! THank you!! I love this kind of information and found it 100% fascinating. Aloha!

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