Carb The Fuck Up Lifestyle and Dietary Guide

Carb The Fuck Up Lifestyle and Dietary Guide

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(Photos below from instagram are REAL life people using the #carbthefuckup hashtag and loving this lifestyle!)


What if you could have an ebook that only took a few hours to read and gave you ALL the tips that Ive used to INCREDIBLE success in my own life and THOUSANDS of people Ive coached in the last 20 years?

Many people post PHOTOSHOPPED before and after pics promoting their bogus diet and exercise crash diets. NOT ME! 

I took these photos myself. Some of you might recognize this person from Youtube as Freelee Banana Girl. When she came to me she was dead broke, out of shape and battling with eating disorders. Had ZERO social media following BUT by following my coaching every day she rose thru the ranks earning over 50k USD and getting up to 16 million views per month, just from working 2-3 hours per week! 

Before. 73kg and constantly run down. 

After following my advice to the letter the transformation became permanent and lasting.

Effortlessly holding 51kg and getting to eat ALL she cared for.

Now I can't promise you the EXACT same results but I can promise that you will 1000% get results you NEVER thought you could obtain and sustain simply by following the advice in my ebooks that is TRIED, TESTED AND PROVEN over and over.

Just a quick clance of the hastag #carbthefuckup will see over half a million examples of food and body transformations.