Epic Bike Rides

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Epic bike rides as a vegan/raw vegan. (Note my endurance only really kicked in when I became a vegan in 2001 and its just gone up over the years.)
Biggest year: 30 020km
Biggest day solo: 568km. (Rundle St Adelaide -Victorian border-Rundle St Adelaide)
Biggest week: 2055km
Biggest month: 6545km
Epic vegan bike rides.
Adelaide – Perth: 15 days solo. 2800km
Byron Bay- Adelaide: 14 days solo 2300km (xc bike with mud tyres.)
Cairns – Tip of Cape York: 7 days solo 1100km (xc bike with bob trailer)
Singapore – Bangkok : 2000km.
Seattle – Los Angeles: Solo.
My tips for drug free ultra endurance are:
Get MINIMUM 10g carbs per kg of bodyweight each day.
Keep fat intake under 10% of total calories. Minimize/eliminate all oil, even if its cold pressed organic or whatever.
Low fat, low sodium, high calorie, high carb raw vegan/vegan diet best serves athletic performance.
Drink enough water that your piss’n clear.
Sleep as much as you can.
Remember that happieness is ONLY experienced in the present moment..
Leave caffiene for the whimps 🙂
Live hard! 🙂
  1. Ezekiel Kok says:

    Hello bro, i just started cycling as well and i bought a hybrid.
    would love to hear more about your stories and travels on a bike.
    for a 100kg guy hw much distance do you think i shld cover to lose some weight off the belly?

  2. Peter says:

    How does your bicycle look like?

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