Using Rollers for the first time.

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Spiders invade my house!

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Well not really cos they have been here since eternity.

Whats in my book?

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Its only been out a couple of days and a few thousand people are happy with their purchases.

Click on this link to read the table of contents.

Thanks for all your support. Ive poured my heart and soul into this book information wise. Its my first book so a bit organic BUT the information is the best you will get.


How real men deal with MASSIVE spiders in Australia (new video from last night)

More lies & cover ups from doug and grant regarding Leah who almost died in Costa Rica this year.


Young lady put her trust in Doug Graham and almost died. Doug couldnt even offer a refund unless she stayed silent. Integrity much?

Buying a new road bicycle?

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Quick video sharing my 17 years of road cycling experience.

Time to breathe thru your balls Elliot Hulse… the next round of challenges has started. ;)

Women are pretty forward in Thailand.

EVERYTHING Im eating I post in these vlogs. I want to give transparency and show people what I actually do each day food wise.