Young lady put her trust in Doug Graham and almost died. Doug couldnt even offer a refund unless she stayed silent. Integrity much?

Buying a new road bicycle?

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Quick video sharing my 17 years of road cycling experience.

Time to breathe thru your balls Elliot Hulse… the next round of challenges has started. ;)

Women are pretty forward in Thailand.

EVERYTHING Im eating I post in these vlogs. I want to give transparency and show people what I actually do each day food wise.

It does and it doesnt. 1kg = about 1 second slower per minute. So thats 10 seconds on a 10minute climb.

I talk more about cycling weight in this video.

Crossfit champions take steroids? Crossfit women looking like men?

Tell me its not true! Thats right its not. Only drugs work in cycling. Sports like crossfit that involve brute strength AND endurance…nah, testosterone, HGH, blood doping, stimulants and pain killers would not help at all. Just ask Crossfit champion Rich Froning about steroids.

If we get 5000 youtube likes on this vid, we will start the daily vlogs till the end of the year. :)

Why eating animals helps the planet GET DESTROYED!

READ THIS ARTICLE (link below) It answers EVERY argument people make against vegans. It’s also entirely FACT based, it’s NOT opinion:

EATING UP THE WORLD FREE PDF (great one to show paleo/primal eaters that think they are doing it right for the environment)

FARMING MEAT SPREADS DISEASE, from Scientific American:…

MEAT AND THE ENVIRONMENT, from United Nations report:



Also, watch this- Sir Paul McCartney’s “If Slaughterhouses Had Glass Walls. Among other things it shows that “stunning” does not kill an animal or always render it unconscious prior to slaughter:

There are endless reasons to become vegan. The most urgent, to humans, is the fact that meat production produces more global warming gases than all the cars, trucks, trains, ships, planes, on earth- combined (this according to UN and industry statistics).

Another obvious fact is that it’s horrifically cruel to the animals. And animals do feel pain, have a sense of self, feel emotions, etc, just like humans. So causing them unnecessary pain is a true ethical concern.

It is also unhealthy for humans to consume meat and dairy products, and meat and dairy production waste irreplaceable natural resources and feed fewer people than if we simply raised vegan food. Plus, by going vegan, we’d be able to feed the 20,000-30,000 impoverished people who die daily due to starvation related disease. Meat production uses more resources and land and yields far less food than farming a vegan diet.

This is NOT opinion, it’s all sound scientific fact based on peer reviewed scientific research and simple math.

Farming and consuming meat is NOT a sustainable practice, therefor it cannot continue. So, if you care about anything at all, do the right thing and go vegan. Now.

Your body will thank you, the animals will thank you, the planet will thank you, the 30,000 people who starve to death daily due to wealthy western nations growing meat rather than a vegan diet will thank you.

A senior UN official and co-author of a UN report detailing this problem, Henning Steinfeld, said “Livestock are one of the most significant contributors to today’s most serious environmental problems”. Livestock production occupies 70% of all land used for agriculture, or 30% of the land surface of the planet. It is one of the largest sources of greenhouse gases, responsible for 18% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions as measured in CO2 equivalents. By comparison, all transportation emits 13.5% of the CO2. It produces 65% of human-related nitrous oxide (which has 296 times the global warming potential of CO2,) and 37% of all human-induced methane (which is 23 times as warming as CO2. It also generates 64% of the ammonia, which contributes to acid rain and acidification of ecosystems. Livestock expansion is cited as a key factor driving deforestation, in the Amazon basin 70% of previously forested area is now occupied by pastures and the remainder used for feedcrops. Through deforestation and land degradation, livestock is also driving reductions in biodiversity.

I drink a cup of water and a piece of fruit before a 5-10K morning run. Anything longer and I will take water/fruit with me and then eat a big meal/drink AFTER. I Run on a light stomach and recover on a heavy one. :) For evening runs I just eat a big lunch/breakfast and have dinner AFTER the run.

Here is an article. Feedback welcome.

Refuelling glycogen is crucial in keeping fitness/health/happiness high. Restoring glycogen is crucial in keeping our immune system from crashing. Restoring glycogen is key in staying ‘raw strong’. Restoring glycogen is key in keeping sane!!

I NEVER wait till Im hungry or thirsty before I eat/drink. NEVER! Neither should you!! The only time would be if I was caught out and literally had nothing to eat! But these days Im way more organised so I dont ‘bonk/hit the wall’. Cos when you do, you really put your immune system under pressure, perform like a chump and set a bad example to those watching you. Hey, you dont need to be an athlete to eat carbs! EVERYONE needs a truck load of em ESPECIALLY if you have children/family to look after, want to get fitter or stay fit.

When i get home from a normal training session i drink straight away or ideally get water in me before i get to fruit. Why drink BEFORE eating vs AFTER eating? Well putting carbs on a dehydrated system is a great way to make us not want to train again! Why? it just dehydrates the heck out of us eventually. just look at the crew in the raw world that dont drink water or much of it..they are nice people but really really poor examples of raw eating. i make sure im ‘piss’n like a race horse’ before im having a big fruit meal.

Anorexia athletica is when people go and train and come back and dont eat or drink anything cos they are trying to cut weight. its a great one for CREATING eventual adrenal fatigue conditions like addisons etc. its a great way to have our body connect exercise with starvation and possibly death. Its a great way to put your life passion in the vita mix on full speed. I see this ALL the time! People trying to starve emselves thin and all that happens is they burn out 100% of the time. Some last for a month, some a year or 2 but they all hit the wall eventually and in the mean time are a freak show to be around. Those that eat the least carbs, freak out the most.

I leave minimum 3 hours between a fruit meal before intense workout BUT I might have a piece of juicy fruit or a good mouthful of Datorade 30mins before the start. So to be more objective, lets say im doing a hard 1hr ride in the morning at 6am. i will just grab a liter of water and a banana and go out and rawk’n roll. but if im going out for 2hrs plus i will have a decent 1000+cal meal and take some dates to eat on the way home. REMEMBER: The carbs we eat today, becomes the glycogen for tomorrow. So if we want to crank life each day, eat enough carbs so you can!

If i have a race/training session in the afternoon i just have a good lunch of say 10-15 bananas or equivalent calories from datorade and then my race is at 6pm. I will eat a banana or something 30 mins before. This is stuff i learnt from lance armstrong, cadel evans, asker jukendrup and any sports nutrition handbook. it works. its simple and it applies to anyone and everyone. Ever tried exercising on a low carb diet? What happens? You need a few redbulls to get going and then you feel like crap afterwards and your performances look like you have lead boots on!

After exercise, you want to get in at least a litre of water and THEN start your fruit meal. Eat as much as possible, as slowly as possible, as soon as possible, as frequent as possible and as sweet and juicy as possible.. (Just don’t take 10 minutes to eat a banana or try and eat 146 bananas in one session! lol!.. ;)

Getting enough carb calories is vital.
Getting those carb calories from fruit makes us most vital.
Eat 1g of carbs of bodyweight per hour your on the road. Take dates with you. 100g of dates is around 70g of carbs.
Regardless of our weight or activity level, by eating a MINIMUM 10g of carbs per kg of bodyweight per day we will reach/maintain our ideal health and fitness goals.

Lets aim for longterm goals vs short term ‘crash n burn’ drama episodes in this movie we call life.

PS: Don’t be afraid to use the ‘bush toilet’ if you have too. Pack some TP if need be and remember that your designed to compost mother nature. Just don’t end up on the front page newspaper! lol!